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Monday, May 18, 2009

Robert Pattinson: "A-5....You Sunk My Battleship!!"

There are a ton of film titles being tossed around as Rob's next project. Amanda Bell over at the Examiner discusses the latest talks that when Rob was meeting with Peter Berg he was actually discussing a film version of the board game "Battleship" rather than Dune.

One speculator of the Perez Hilton-inspired conversations about The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Robert Pattinson and his meet-up with Peter Berg has raised an interesting observation.

Says Peter Sciretta at Slash Film,

Peter Berg is in talks to direct a big screen adaptation of Hasbro’s board game Battleship for Universal Pictures. Brother screenwriting team Jon and Eric Hoeber have signed on to write the script, which is said to be “an epic naval action adventure” loosely inspired by the game. Universal seems to have a multi-picture development deal with Hasbro/Milton Bradley.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson, while on break from shooting New Moon, was spotted last week leaving Berg’s Los Angeles home. At the time, many speculated that Pattinson might be in talks to join Berg’s planned remake of Dune, but Berg has so many projects in the development pipeline that it would be impossible to narrow it down to one of them. And it would be too speculative for me to say that Battleship is probably the film.

Oh, how the flood of childhood memories are hitting me!

Read the full article here

Nothing is set in stone and who knows if any of this is true, but what do you think?


Video Of Robert Pattinson Arriving In France

Find more videos like this on Twifans

The Lovely Alison at Twifans posted this video of Rob arriving in France earlier today. Rob looks like he delt with it well.

~Kim C

Jackson Rathbone's Nylon Magazine Photo Shoot!

You are gonna love this! Click HERE to see more pics. Jackson's hair is cut like this for his role in The Last Air Bender.

~Kim C

Peter Facinelli Gives Fan's An Update On YouTube

OME!!! What A Day! New Moon Poster To Arrive Tomorrow!

The New Moon one sheet or New Moon poster will be released tomorrow in news papers across the country! The picture above is the "one sheet" for Twilight. We will have if for you asap tomorrow!
Thanks to Twilight Source for the heads up.
~Kim C

Robert Pattinson Has Arrived In Cannes!

From Gossip Girls:

Making his way overseas, Robert Pattinson arrived at the Nice airport to attend the 62nd International Cannes Film Festival on Monday (May 18).

The hunky "Twilight" star was bombarded by fans and paparazzi upon landing, being helped through the terminal by airport staffers

See more pics and the rest of the story HERE.

Have a wonderful time Rob!

~Kim C

Rob heads for Cannes

Sunday marked the last day for RPattz in Vancouver. Lainey reports that he left Sunday night to head straight for France for the Cannes Film Festival. None of Rob's films are playing at the festival; however, it's reported that he is there by the request of Summit Entertainment (Twilight production company) to promote distribution of some of their upcoming projects. But we promise, Rob will soon resume shooting his New Moon scenes in Italy.

Source: Lainey Gossip. See her site for the original post and more pictures.

**[Did you see Rob looking out of the side of his glasses with one eyebrow raised in the second picture? OME.]

~ Brandi

Rob, Kristen & Taylor To Present First New Moon Clip At MTV Awards

Marc Malkin from E! Online reports that the first teaser clip of New Moon will be shown at the MTV awards and not only that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will present the clip together:

I can exclusively reveal that footage from the Twilight sequel will be shown for the first time during the upcoming MTV Movie Awards,

And that's not all - it gets better...

Awards show producer Mark Burnett says Patzz, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will hit the stage together to present the clip.

YAY!!! Two more weeks!!! The show will air live on MTV May 31st. Read more HERE.

~Kim C

Sunday, May 17, 2009

CBA Down Time

Cullenboysanonymous.com will be down for upto the next 48 hrs. We are switching hosts & moving to Word Press. Only the .com will be down, the News Blog will still be up & so will our adult & teen forum. Thanks for your patience!

The Cullen Boys Anonymous Staff

Fans To Gather For "New Moon" Filming In Italy

The Examiner's Amanda Bell has an article discussing fans following the cast and crew to Italy and how the fansite Twilighters Italia is organizing a group of fans from across the globe.

Twilighters Italia, one of my favorite international fansites, is organizing an international Twilight fan round-up in Italy on May 30th. Say they, "at the moment we have more or less 1500 people from all over the world subscribed, All Music (national broadcasting italian music TV) is going to do a 1 hour special on our event, MTV and newspapers will also be present."

Read the full article and find out how to join the group in Italy here


Happy 21st Birthday, Nikki Reed!

Nikki Reed was given to the world 21 years ago today. We hope she has a fun and safe birthday!
Amanda Bell has a great article on her Examiner Page discussing Nikki's life and career leading to "Twilight".
Happy Birthday, Nikki!

Fan Experience At EyeCon Amazing

Just Jared Jr. reader Brianne sent pictures and wrote to them about her experience with Kellan, Peter, and Jackson at EyeCon.
Brianne writes to us about her experience, saying, "I live in Florida and these past three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), me and my dad went to the Twilight EyeCon at the Florida Hotel. Anyway, the guests there were Edi Gathegi, Peter, Jackson, and Kellan. I got autographs and pictures with Peter, Jackson, and Kellan. They were the sweetest guys. They all did these awesome Q&A sessions."

She continued, "At Jackson's, I never realized how deep his voice was. I asked him if he had to choose one, which would he choose: a full time career in music or a full time career in acting? In a nutshell, he said he loves all forms of art, and he would find a way to do both at the same time. He said he always plays his guitar in between takes and such. Also, he also started to blush a little bit and get a little awkward when a fan asked him if he was stuck on a desert island with a cast mate, which would he choose, and he said Ashley (Greene) and no more."

"At Kellan's Q&A, he was such a sweetheart and he even let this little boy come onto the stage with him. Jackson's band, 100 monkeys, played and the band The Nova Echo opened for them. They rocked the house! I got to give all of them hugs, and I gotta say, Kellan's muscles are huge! Anyway, I'll attach some pics, and the picture with all of them holding up sketches are my dad's portraits of them. He is a professional artist and we gave them each a copy of them. Kellan loved his and didn"t want to put it down!"

Check out the rest of her amazing pics here.

It looks like she had an awesome time at EyeCon! I wish I had been there too! Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks Brianne for sharing your experience!


No Karate In New Moon For Taylor Lautner

4TNZ has an interview with Taylor Lautner (who was once a martial arts champion) about how he won't be getting to use any of his martial arts skills as Jacob in 'New Moon'.

In a recent radio interview, Taylor Lautner (who was once a teen martial arts champ; yes, that's him in the photo at the age of 11) revealed that he wouldn't be getting his kicks in on the set of New Moon.

"I mean Jacob really doesn't haveany martial arts skills, so I think it would be untrue for me to beusing some of those," he said (possibly with tears in his eyes).

"But, the thing with Jacob is that he is clumsy before his transformation, he trips when he walks. Once he transforms, he is very agile so I think that's where most of it will come into play. We've got a few things up our sleeves that I'll be able to do to show Jacob's agility post transformation."

I wonder what kinds of things they've got up sleeves for Jacob. I can't wait to find out!

What do you think?



Jackson Rathbone Can't Wait To Start Filming 'Eclipse'

In 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' we don't learn a whole lot about Jasper Hale's character, but in 'Eclipse' we learn Jasper's whole backstory. In a recent article in MyPark Magazine, Jackson talks about 'Eclipse' and how he can't wait to start filming because we get to learn a lot more about his character.

Jackson Rathbone might be busy filming his New Moon scenes but he can't wait to film Elipse later this year.

In Eclipse we will learn a lot more about his character Jasper Hale.

TeenMag recently asked Jackson why Jasper's vampire abilities weren't mentioned in Twilight.

Jackson answered: "Well it doesn't really come out too much in the book. It's one of those things were it's understood but in the third book it really comes out like the back story and everything.

"I think one of the things we didn't want to get too much into was focusing on all the other vampires.

"We wanted really to establish this relationship and how she (Bella) gets sucked into the world of the Cullen family and once she's in the world that's when things kind of start coming out.

"One of the things about Jasper is he doesn't use the ability all the time. It's something that he's very strict about using because it's like an invasion of privacy to make someone feel something, to manipulate emotions."

We can't wait for 'Eclipse' either Jackson!!



Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Rob Story That Will Make You Go Awww!

I saw this story on Pattinson Life LJ today & absolutely fell in love with it. Just when you think you can't love Robert Pattinson even more you hear something like this. Captivated4121 wrote:

So back in September I wrote Rob a letter & sent him a mix CD I made especially for him. I didn't send a photo to get signed or an empty envelope with my address on it. I just told him that me writing him & what not wasn't about wanting something in return. I haven't checked my mail every day awaiting for something from him. I didn't expect anything at all.

So today when I check the mail I was given an amazing surprise!

Is he amazing or what! This just makes me go awwww.Thanks to captivated4121 for letting me repost your story here on CBA. I think is so cool that you made a mix tape for Rob and that you actually sent it to him without asking for anything in return. Kudos to you!

Cinema Bizzare = Twilight Fans

Kiro is a BIG Twilight fan & he loves Alice/Ashley Greene. Notice his Cullen Crest t-shirt? Tune in around 1:10.

TY to the LEX.

I Looooove This Picture

Thanks so much to Brightredink for sending this to us via our Twitter a few days ago. Sorry for just now seeing it today but I am so glad we did because it's awesome. This is truly a Cullen Boy trifecta! Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, and Jackson Rathbone at EyeCon in Orlando, FL.

She also has some awesome video of Kellan, Jackson & Peter as they recieved their super cool gifts from the Central FL TwiMoms. Watch them HERE.

More Coverage From Rob's Birthday Bash

Even though it was on Wednesday, we can't let the week end with out mentioning Rob's B-Day again.

In case you missed it PEOPLE.com had an article about it. Here is an excerpt:

"There was a lot of buzz and energy in the restaurant," said the source. "Being in the same restaurant as Rob Pattinson for his birthday is great."

A fan told PEOPLE: "I was so happy to see Rob and help him celebrate his 23rd birthday. He took the time to meet us and take a picture with us, that was so cool."

Radar Online has a Gallery of photos:

Here is What E! News had to say about it:

Twilight Mind Reading E-Cards

Thanks to Hallmark.com, you can now send your friends a Twilight themed e-card! The charge for these is $0.99. This is what the card says:

Twilight Mind-reading Personalize:

I've been thinking about you...and so have other people...why is everyone obsessed with (add a name)? You can't help it (add a name), you're unforgettable.

$0.99(each). Note: This e-card can only be charged to accounts with a U.S. billing address.

See the card at Hallmark

**Thanks to CBA staffer Raquel for the information! These are too cool.

~ Brandi