Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rob Scheduled To Attend Austin Film Festival


-The Austin Film Festival has just confirmed that Robert Pattinson is scheduled to attend the How To Be screening, Saturday, October 18, 7:15PM at the Regal Arbor Cinema in Austin, TX.

More Info about How to Be:
A wry comedy about Art (Robert Pattinson), a frustrated musician, undergoing what he sees as a quarter life crisis. This is not helped when his girlfriend dumps him and he has to move back in with his middle class parents, who are far from thrilled with the idea. Art's only friend, agoraphobic Ronny, is holed up in a London flat in a daze of nitrous oxide and electro music. Art discovers self-help guru, Dr Levi Ellington, author of 'It's Not Your Fault'. Using inheritance money, Art pays for Dr Ellington to move in with him and his parents becoming Art's full-time life coach, shadowing him wherever he goes. How to Be is a charming comedy with a winning cast. [Source]

How to attend?Film Passes - $42 access to How To Be and over 190 other film screenings during the 15th annual Austin Film Festival (October 16-23, 2008). Film Pass holders admitted ahead of individual ticket-holders. Want an even better chance of getting your seat? UPGRADE to a Lone Star Badge for priority entry into all theaters in the badge line ahead of Film Passes! Purchase your film pass here: AFF Pass Purchase

Individual tickets on sale for $9, 30 minutes prior to screening time at theater box office, if seating capacity allows after badge-holders and film pass holders are seated.
For more information, visit the Austin Film Festival Official Site.

****I was sent an official How To Be update on FaceBook: "We are very pleased to confirm that, in addition to the director Oliver Irving, Robert Pattinson will be attending the 7:15pm Saturday 18 October 2008 screening and Q&A of How To Be at the Austin Film Festival"


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