Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does Kellan Lutz Sleep??

Ok so it is a slow day for news!! There is ALWAYS Kellan news though. I am beginning to think that he does not sleep. Maybe he is a vampire. Also, if we put up a story every time Kellan was spotted we would need to change the name of the site to Kellan Lutz Anonymous (which might be ok with me). Here is a run down on Kellan in the last 9 days in a quick slide show. 9 DAYS PEOPLE, 7 pictures, does he sleep?

Click here for slide show.

Also Kim is our ace reporter and she is on a cruise this week, and I am bitter. So I want to put up a story about Taylor/Jacob. So if anyone can help me with a good lengthy story on him that would be awesome. **evil laugh**

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