Friday, October 17, 2008

A Fabulous Cam Gigandet Interview

Twilight News got to sit down with Cam Gigandet for an exclusive interview. It is an in depth & insightful interview that covers things from travel & tattoos to music & acting. Of course his character 'James', the Twilight movie & cast are discussed too. Go here to read the full interview.

Here's an excerpt:

Sanguina: So we get a lot of the relationship between you and Victoria then?

Cam: Well, yeah...

Sanguina: Because she is avenging you for the next two films!

Cam: Of course, yes!

Sanguina: So it is nice to know we definitely see how strong your relationship is and have that kind of build up in there.

Cam: Of course, and that's what is a weird part because you have Victoria, while her and James have a relationship, the relationship that is overpowering I guess or overshadowing theirs is obviously Edward and Bella's....

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