Friday, October 17, 2008


Attention Members: TW movie tickets are on sale NOW in AZ at Harkins Theaters!!!!! So far though they still don't have any midnight showings schedule.

****Here's an update: I just bought my tickets for the first showing on Nov 21st (10:15am). The person at the ticket window told me the tickets weren't available yet but I knew they were so I went inside to the customer service counter. Even in there they acted like they weren't available. I said, "I know they are because I called here this morning & they told me they were available & other Harkins theaters are selling them." I was too embarrassed to mention I called all the Harkins in the east valley & the corporate office hunting for ticket info. So the lady kept looking & finally saw them available. I tell you this just to prepare you in case you get an unknowing ticket people like I did.

Also can some one please tell me why there are signs up in the ticket window announcing the advanced ticket sales of High School Musical III but none for Twilight? Talk about insult!!!!!!

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