Friday, October 31, 2008

Peter Facinelli Interview

TwilightersAnonymousPodcast just did an interview with the wonderful Peter Facinelli:

TA: So what is harder, being the father of 3 young daughters or 5 teenage vampires?

PF: Ah that's a good one. Well they're different. Three daughters is a big responsibility and everyday I worry about who they're going to become and how their day is going to be, so there's a lot of pressure. Five teenage vampires, they're a handful I'd have to say.... also, I pretty much have like 15 years left, then I get to have my life back and get to travel while they're off at college. When you're a vampire's forever. I have to make sure they brush their teeth for eternity.

Go here to read the full interview. EPISODE 25 "Paging Dr. Cullen" is now on iTunes & the FeedBurner and will soon be available on their website.

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