Friday, October 24, 2008

Review of Twilight Soundtrack

Ok I could give you a break down of the whole CD but lets be honest, you want to know about Rob Pattinson's song Never Think and Bella's Lullaby. Far be it for me to not give the addicts what they want, so here it is.

I loved Never Think! No, not because it is Rob singing. The song is slow acoustic guitar and very calming. I can see me listening to it at night before I go to sleep. I will hand it to Rob, when he is not in a nervous boozed state, his voice is beautiful. From the beginning of the song you know it is him, he has a signature sound.

Unfortunately I can not say the same for Bella's Lullaby. The piano was so so and I hated all the added instruments. This song was made for Bella by Edward, not Edward and an orchestra. There was high hopes for this song that definitely were not met.

All in all, I did pre-order the CD and it will be in constant rotation on my I Pod. Hey I left Hot Topic happy, I heard Rob sing without the back ground noise of a pub and I got a new Twilight hoodie who could ask for more.


PS I wish I would have known this 3 hours ago but if you get your soundtrack off of ITunes you will get 3 bonus tracks Clair De Lune, La Traviata and Let Me Sign By Rob Pattinson. Thanks SpunkRansom for the info.

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