Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rob on SNL, EW Gives Three Reasons Why

By now you have probably heard that everyone and their mother is trying to get Rob as the host of Saturday Night Live on Nov. 1. Now Entertainment weekly is jumping on the ban wagon with the three reasons Rob should host.

1. It would be good for the economy: In these lean times, everyone's looking to save a buck or two -- even big networks like NBC -- and in Rob you get not only a host, but a musical guest to boot. And after my exclusive preview of the Twilight soundtrack, which includes Pattinson's song "Never Think," I can whole-heartedly endorse the vamp's vocal prowess.

2. The inevitable Twilight parody: Pregnant Amy Poehler (as Bella Swan) + Rob = Breaking Dawn fabulousity. I wonder if Amy can vomit blood on cue?

3. He's just plain fun to look at

I actually think 1 would be a hard sell because of the musical guest side because he said recently he isn't looking at being in both acting and singing at the same time like many celebs of today do who are multi-talented. Would it be cool if he did? Absolutely! I do think we are more likely to get him to be host than do both duties. I could be wrong though? Either way, November 1st! E-mail. crusade for SNL and she mentioned a petition as well.

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