Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time For Some Rob Lovin'

I'm back from vacation. Let's Robsess!

I happened to be in Mexico the same time that Rob was. How lucky am I? Never mind that he was in a different city. Rob was there for a TW fan event in Mexico City where he introduced the final Twilight trailer. View all the pics in our gallery.

Source: here

Noticontactos Interview:

Here are two slightly different translated versions of an interview Rob did in Mexico with Noticontactos. The first is from Pattinson Online & was translated by Yvonne here. The second is from Robert Eroica MySpace & was translated by Amanda here. See if you can spot the differences. Look especially closely at this question, "If you could change something about the Twilight story, what would it be?"

Fan Accounts & Reports of Rob's visit:

Here is one from Mexican newspaper Periodico Reforma translated & posted by Spunk Ransom MySpace:


When he came in to the movie theater and heard the very loud screaming of 160 fans, the actor Robert Pattinson didn't know what to say: he put his hand thru his messy hair and blush.

In the meantime 13 bodyguards struggle to maintain the young women calm for just a few minutes, but all that was heard in the theater were screams and compliments for the british actor; gazing at the crowd he sat down and talked on a speakerphone.

"Hola" (hello) he told them, and although it was the only word he spoke in spanish, the fans celebrated jumping from their seats while trying to get the perfect picture with their cameras and cell phones."Thanks a lot for waiting, this is incredible", he said, before he started signing the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and which is based on the movie he stars in.

"I feel very nervous and happy, I hope that you enjoy the trailer", he told them; however the actual screening of the trailer never took place in the movie theater of Santa Fe.

During 40 minutes, the actor who also appeared on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, sign autographs for fans who waited 15 hours to see him.

This is the case of 17 year old Abigail Aguilar, 16 year old Melissa Rosales and 23 year old Luis Santiago; the 3 of them came from Tabasco just to catch a glimpse of Pattinson and although they met him for just a brief seconds the 3 of them concluded that it was well worth it.

"We arrived at 3:00 a.m. of yesterday, straight from the airport, I like him a lot physically, he's gorgeous, I like his face, his nose and his hair is the best", said Melissa with a beaming smile.

Other ones to arrive early were Naomi Jardine, Daniela Diaz and Elena Mitsue at 2:00 a.m. despite the cold weather.

Just the same of dozens of girls they didn't care to cut school or no sleep at all, because they said, that one of their greatest wishes was meeting Pattinson.

"We slept outside the movie theater in a sleeping bag, but we didn't care, he's gorgeous, I like his smile and the way he acts, he's the sexiest vampire in the world." also has a good report. Go here to read the full account.

"However, those of us who did get to see him where indeed dazzled and bedazzled (??). Not just because of his obvious good looks and charm, but because of how sweet, humble, unassuming and wonderful he really is. He seemed to be taken by surprise by all the support from fans of a country he had never visited. Thankfully everyone cooperated and behaved so he could get to appreciate it. It seemed like he did, he just kept smiling and laughing, waving at everyone and saying Hola. Just a really sweet guy."


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Can you say "Lost in Translation"? Big difference in the changes Rob would make to the movie!

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Thanks so much for commenting!!! You just made my day!!!