Thursday, November 6, 2008

EW Talks Twilight With Stephenie Meyer

SM shares her feelings about the movie, if she'll finish "Midnight Sun" & the "Breaking Dawn" controversy. Here is an excerpt:

Why did you demand that Edward and Bella's big kissing scene be toned down?

The problem is if you're going to continue with the other movies, there's a very gradual build to their physical relationship. And what Edward is capable of when he first meets Bella changes very much by the time he's become more committed to the relationship. They reshot the first kiss scene and actually added a special effect and some really cool things that added so much. And it's the only kiss scene.

You also asked for some minor script changes and insisted on Kellan Lutz's casting as Emmett. Did you always feel comfortable putting your foot down?

My personality is such that I have a really hard time being critical with other people. I can be critical of myself all day long. But I hate to step in and say, ''I really wish this was different.'' But it's been good for me just in general to have to speak up because I am so invested in this. I've forced myself, like with the Emmett situation, to take a step forward and say, ''I don't like this.'' And that's hard for me, but I'm glad of every time I did it and I don't think I stepped on too many toes and everyone seems to still like me.

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