Monday, November 3, 2008

Jen's Report From The Apple Store In NYC

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"Catherine came in first to many cheers of course. The interviewer from USA Today asked her some of "standard" Twilight questions that we've heard pretty many times already. She was very nice and funny as always. She said she had just finished editing, etc. about 8 days ago! Rob came in about 15 minutes later and of course the place erupted in delight. Swooning and squealing everywhere! (Only one from me, I swear! ) He had on jeans, a white t-shirt with red writing, a blue hoodie, nike (I think) sneakers, a black cap (which women were all but screaming at him to take off... to which he adamently refused- it was pretty funny.) He said what is it with my hair? And also said that he hadn't washed his hair in like 6 weeks... sure hope he was kidding!"

Go here to read her full report.

** Here is Jen's video from it! urmylifenow2008

You're the mostest Jennifer/Angelinthehouse!

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