Sunday, November 16, 2008

L.A. Update - The Movie Premiere.


Kim wants me to give Ralph Pipe with Special Entertainment Management a big shout out. Thanks to him order has been reinstated at the Village and there is now only one line and a starting point for wrist bands. Thanks again Ralph you are our hero!!!

Kim just called in from one of the two lines (yep two lines) that have formed in front of the Village Theater. One line is along the theater its self and the other is across the street. We are seeing some similarities to the San Francisco meet of Rob. Yet again there is a Twilighter out there with their handy-dandy marker placing numbers on everyone, there is a big worry about where everyone should be lined up and of course the theater knows nothing, because it is all being handled by Summit. Will shoes fly again?
My personal thought is that summit is more concerned about todays PodCast. They must figure that all of the hardcore fans that will sleep in the street would be there today. Boy did they leave out a very important factor, ROB PATTINSON. He is not at the PodCast and therefore neither are his fans, that are now lining up in front of the Village. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that the Twilight VooDoo gods bless our CBA sisters with the wrist bands they need to see our Cullen Boys up close.

On to PodCast news, we will hopefully have an update about this event tonight along with a couple pictures. All of the CBA that slept at the Borders last night did get their wrist bands!


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