Thursday, December 18, 2008

Michael Copon Comments On The New Moon Controversy

Pop has an interview with Michael Copon. The interview gives us a better idea of who Michael Copon is from his musical ability & upcoming projects to the fact that he's a Dallas Cowboy's fan. Here's an excerpt where he comment's on the NM rumors:

PopStar: Can we talk Twilight?

Michael Copon: I think that it is pretty clear that there are huge rumors going around the Internet about me up for the role as Jacob Black. At this point, they are only rumors. There are a lot of opinions going around on the Internet about this role. It is definitely a role of a lifetime and I would love to have that chance.

PopStar: Have you read Twilight?

Michael Copon: I have just started reading Twilight. Everyone kept saying that it was the best book in the world so I had to go and read it.

Read the full interview here.


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