Friday, December 12, 2008

Rope Of Silicon Article

Brad Brevet of Rope Of asks, "Is Summit Intentionally Torpedoing the 'Twilight' Sequel?":

"Entertainment Weekly has a new report on the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, which includes a tentative release date of Nov. 20, 2009 and word that the director replacing Catherine Hardwicke needs to be in 'Vancouver by Dec. 15 to begin 12 weeks of preproduction before a mid-March start date." What the hell are they trying to do?"

"I am starting to think Hardwicke had a much larger role in her departure than I originally speculated. No director in their right mind would agree to such terms and if Summit actually wanted to make anything resembling a good movie they would have been much smarter to stick with Hardwicke considering she at least has a reasonable understanding of the material and what worked and what didn't with the first film"

"One of the other complaints over the first film was the rushed script by Melissa Rosenberg who was working against a deadline as the writers' strike loomed. One of the good things about the sequel was Rosenberg would have time to turn in a properly penned story. Considering it was officially announced Rosenberg would be penning both New Moon and its follow-up, Eclipse, on November 22 that means 24 days later Summit wants pre-production to begin. I sure as hell hope she was working on that script beforehand."

Go here to read the full article. It's a zinger. I cheered audibly while reading it! Amen is all I can say.


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