Sunday, December 28, 2008

Teens Pick Best & Worst Of 2008

Life in Perspective teen board made list of their top 5's of 2008 in 11 categories. Here's the TW category:

Awkward 'Twilight' bits

- Bella in her undies: Let's face it, the majority of "Twilight" viewers were there for Edward, so showing a little underwear was entirely unnecessary.

- Edward sees Bella in biology class: Judging by his reaction to meeting Bella, we'd say Edward suffers from epilepsy, rather than love.

- "Say It": Edward knows he's a vampire, Bella knows he's a vampire; we know he's a vampire. There's got to be a better way to remind us all of this.

- Vampires in the sunshine: Apparently, vampires don't die in the sun. They just get showered with arts and crafts glitter.

- Jessica tries on prom dresses: No, that dress does not make your chest look good.

LOL! Thanks for keeping it real guys! To see their other categories go here.



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