Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time: People Who Mattered 2008

Maybe Americans aren't ready for a Mormon presidential nominee yet. But they're more than ready to anoint a Mormon as the best-selling novelist of the year. The hero of Meyer's Twilight series — and hit movie — is a vampire named Edward who doesn't kill people and declines to sleep with, or bite, his girlfriend Bella. Meyer's religious upbringing taught her something few writers grasp, that fantasies can be about restraint as well as excess. Sometimes nice girls do finish first.

Congratulations to Stephenie Meyer you're the BEST!

Just one thing though, for 2009 can we please put the 'Mormon' thing to rest. I have never heard an authors religion mentioned so much before & it's really just getting anoying. Stephenie doesn't make it an issue but the media sure does.



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