Thursday, December 18, 2008

The War for Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner vs. Michael Copon

By: Crstlbtrfly

Michael Copon has good reason for wanting to replace Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in New Moon, the sequel to the box office smash hit Twilight. The first movie of the franchise has already grossed $204,215,854.00 world wide in just four short weeks. All four books of the Twilight saga are still in the top ten on both and at Barnes & Noble. Lastly, the doors that have opened to all of the young actors that are casted in the Twilight movies are countless. This is the chance of a life time!

So let's break it down, who will make the better Jacob Black in the upcoming film?

Michael is 6'1, 26 years old and half Filipino and German compared to Taylor at 5'9, 17 years old and part Native American, German, Italian, Irish and Mexican. Both are dark completed but neither fully Native American as Jacob is. Michael and Taylor both have extensive acting background in mostly television, Michael being best known for his roles in Power Rangers and One Tree Hill, and Taylor for his roles in Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, and of course as Jacob Black in Twilight.

Below is a link to YouTube clips showcasing each actor and his acting skills. I want to point out that I did not choose a clip of Taylor playing Jacob so that you can judge each actor in a non-biest way.

Michael Copon: One Tree Hill

Taylor Lautner: My Own Worst Enemy

So you be the judge. Should Taylor go and Michael replace him in the roll of Jacob? Or can Taylor pull off Jacob's transformation into a werewolf for New Moon and the remaining two films?

My thoughts:

If you have spent any time with me in our forum you know that Taylor holds a special place in my little Twilight loving heart. (not in a creepy cougar after jail bait kind of way. Gees you guys!!) I would like to point out a couple of reason why I think Taylor should stay in the roll as Jacob.

The obvious, Taylor has already played the part and in my mind is the epitome of Jacob Black, sweet, stubborn, absolutely adorable and just a bit cocky. Not to mention the extent that Taylor is willing to go to keep the part, putting on twenty pounds and guaranteeing director Chris Weitz ten more by March. (ladies all of you know you would never gain 30 lbs just to be in a movie. Lol) Like I have said in some of my blogs I believe it could be disastrous to the movie franchise to replace him. It shows poor judgment on Summits part. Did they truly under estimate the massiveness of Twilight as a book and what its adaptation into a movie would be? Did they think the first movie would flop and there would be no other sequels? (I find that hard to swallow since the cast signed contracts for not just one movie but three). Why hire someone to play the part of a teenager that changes physically into a grown man if he can not pull it off?

As far as Michael Copon is concerned the recent articles that have been released are disturbing to me, and make me truly dislike the guy. Last week there was news in the Twilight fandom that Copon was posting his status on Face Book as being Jacob Black and other statements along those lines. Yet today he says to that the talk about him playing Jacob is nothing but rumors. Which is it Michael Copon, are you up for the part or not? It looks to me like someone is opening their mouth when he should have been quiet. Not to mention that Michael said in the same interview that he just started reading Twilight. News for you Copon you are trying to get a role in NEW MOON and you got over 2000 more pages to go in the whole Twilight series. My advise to you, stop playing with your Face Book and get to reading!!

Finally here is the last reason why I think Taylor should stay. Notice his answer compared to Jackson's. Not that there was anything wrong with Jackson's answer.

And that is what it is all about. The Twilight Fan!!

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Anonymous said...

I whole-heartedly agree with this. Taylor is the best for Jacob. There is not even a need to discuss it. He is Jacob, hands down.
I'm so upset with Summit for even considering changing him as Jacob. Ugh. Frustrated.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too on Taylor. I loved him as Jacob. He really hold Jacob's character and he was what I pictured when I read the book. *shurg* But I have one question...what did Jackson say?? I missed that one. I was a little confused when I got to that part. I'm a huge Jackson fan and I don't remember him saying anything weird or upsetting. *puzzled* Let me know. =) Bethy99