Saturday, October 18, 2008

EW Twilight Soundtrack review has a break down of all the songs from the Twilight soundtrack including Robs song "Never Think" (which they did like woot woot). Click here for the full story and to listen to some of the soundtrack songs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Fabulous Cam Gigandet Interview

Twilight News got to sit down with Cam Gigandet for an exclusive interview. It is an in depth & insightful interview that covers things from travel & tattoos to music & acting. Of course his character 'James', the Twilight movie & cast are discussed too. Go here to read the full interview.

Here's an excerpt:

Sanguina: So we get a lot of the relationship between you and Victoria then?

Cam: Well, yeah...

Sanguina: Because she is avenging you for the next two films!

Cam: Of course, yes!

Sanguina: So it is nice to know we definitely see how strong your relationship is and have that kind of build up in there.

Cam: Of course, and that's what is a weird part because you have Victoria, while her and James have a relationship, the relationship that is overpowering I guess or overshadowing theirs is obviously Edward and Bella's....


Attention Members: TW movie tickets are on sale NOW in AZ at Harkins Theaters!!!!! So far though they still don't have any midnight showings schedule.

****Here's an update: I just bought my tickets for the first showing on Nov 21st (10:15am). The person at the ticket window told me the tickets weren't available yet but I knew they were so I went inside to the customer service counter. Even in there they acted like they weren't available. I said, "I know they are because I called here this morning & they told me they were available & other Harkins theaters are selling them." I was too embarrassed to mention I called all the Harkins in the east valley & the corporate office hunting for ticket info. So the lady kept looking & finally saw them available. I tell you this just to prepare you in case you get an unknowing ticket people like I did.

Also can some one please tell me why there are signs up in the ticket window announcing the advanced ticket sales of High School Musical III but none for Twilight? Talk about insult!!!!!!

Kellan Comments On Twi-Rock

Kellan Lutz, aka Emmitt Cullen speaks to MTV about the music & bands that bring Twilight to life. Yes Kellan, there does need to be an 'Emmitt Cullen Band'!!

Go here to read the article that accompanies this video. Thank you MTV for this fun report!

Saturday Night Live?

There's a lot of buzz going around about trying to get Rob on SNL.

The Twilight Lexicon has posted details of an email campaign including who to contact to get Rob on the show.
Go here to read it.

Also tMF has a story about it as well as other appearances they'd like to see Rob make. Go here to read it.

Rob Knocks On Johnny Depps Door

Celebuzz discusses Rob's rise in popularity. Go here to read the full story.

"Just how far can good buzz take you? All the way to Johnny Depp's front door, apparently.

Twilight star, and unstoppable brooding machine, Robert Pattinson attended the premiere of Sex Drive in Los Angeles Wednesday night, taunting mere mortals with his wild hair and wilder eyes."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rob's Magical Hair

Dlisted has a funny article about Rob's hair.

"Oh, how I want to frolic naked through his hair. I want to have a picnic lunch on top of his scalp before taking a nap on the top of one of his strands. I won't have to worry about anything hurting me, because nothing gets past his wondrous jungle. He's tried to cut it in the past, but the scissors break whenever they touch one of his precious hairs. And when he takes a shower, the water beads bounce off his mop. His hair will outlive us all."

Go here to read the full story. It is so worth it!

source: B&E Soundtrack Article & Videos has analysis of the TW soundtrack. They also have the videos for some songs.

"Twilight Soundtrack Thoughts : The vampire romance is about to hit the big screen, and we take a look at the songs that will bring it to life."

Read it here.

Official TW Soundtrack Site

There is now an official TW soundtrack site!!! Click here to visit it.

Thanks CrepusculoMeyer for the news!

Huge TW/Edward Pins At FYE

"They're so big they can sit up like a picture"

From our friends at Spunk Ransom MySpace

Rob Will Attend Q&A At Austin Film Festival

The 'How To Be' offical site sent this update message to my Facebook:

"We are very pleased to confirm that, in addition to the director Oliver Irving, Robert Pattinson will be attending the 7:15pm Saturday 18 October 2008 screening and Q&A of How To Be at the Austin Film Festival"

Rob & Kellan Attend 'Sex Drive' Hollywood Premiere

Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz attended the premiere of 'Sex Drive' last night in Westwood at the historic Fox Theater. Both Rob and Kellan signed autographs and took photos with fans outside the gates of the premiere.
To see more pics click here & here.
source: here & here

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hot Topic Soundtrack Listening Party


As reported by HisGoldenEyes the free gift is a TW bookmark.

How To Be 2nd Screening Added @ Gotham

The 1st screening of How To Be at the Gotham Film Festival sold out so a 2nd screening has been added. Go here to order tickets.

***Update: Sold Out Also

source: robertpattinsononline

Illustrated Movie Companion Book Photos

Click here to see more!!!

source: lion & lamb

Check Out These Two Great Articles From

The first one is about all the New Moon sequel rumors & seperates fact from fiction. Go here to read it.

The second is in the Little Ashes Promotional Blitz & is the conclusion of their exclusive Raindance reviews of Little Ashes. I would like to give a personal shout out to Elaine Turner who wrote one one of these reviews.
Go here to read it.

More TW Stills

See more in our pics gallery.
source: here

Rob Scheduled To Attend Austin Film Festival


-The Austin Film Festival has just confirmed that Robert Pattinson is scheduled to attend the How To Be screening, Saturday, October 18, 7:15PM at the Regal Arbor Cinema in Austin, TX.

More Info about How to Be:
A wry comedy about Art (Robert Pattinson), a frustrated musician, undergoing what he sees as a quarter life crisis. This is not helped when his girlfriend dumps him and he has to move back in with his middle class parents, who are far from thrilled with the idea. Art's only friend, agoraphobic Ronny, is holed up in a London flat in a daze of nitrous oxide and electro music. Art discovers self-help guru, Dr Levi Ellington, author of 'It's Not Your Fault'. Using inheritance money, Art pays for Dr Ellington to move in with him and his parents becoming Art's full-time life coach, shadowing him wherever he goes. How to Be is a charming comedy with a winning cast. [Source]

How to attend?Film Passes - $42 access to How To Be and over 190 other film screenings during the 15th annual Austin Film Festival (October 16-23, 2008). Film Pass holders admitted ahead of individual ticket-holders. Want an even better chance of getting your seat? UPGRADE to a Lone Star Badge for priority entry into all theaters in the badge line ahead of Film Passes! Purchase your film pass here: AFF Pass Purchase

Individual tickets on sale for $9, 30 minutes prior to screening time at theater box office, if seating capacity allows after badge-holders and film pass holders are seated.
For more information, visit the Austin Film Festival Official Site.

****I was sent an official How To Be update on FaceBook: "We are very pleased to confirm that, in addition to the director Oliver Irving, Robert Pattinson will be attending the 7:15pm Saturday 18 October 2008 screening and Q&A of How To Be at the Austin Film Festival"


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Twilight Takes Over the World

Here are some stats about TW from the Kansas City Star:

Robert Pattinson is #5 on the IMDb STARMeter, ranking higher than Will Smith and Brad Pitt.

The Entertainment Weekly TWILIGHT Saga cover was the best-selling cover of the year for them, surpassing their Dark Knight and Harry Potter covers.

The series of 4 books has sold over 17 million copies worldwide. Translation rights have been sold in 37 countries.

Vanity Fair will feature an entire cast spread in their December issue – one of over 50 magazine features on the film.

Read the entire list by clicking here.

Premiere Has An Interview With Melissa Rosenberg

"Can't get enough on 'Twilight'? Neither can we. So cornered the film's screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to talk about adapting 'Twilight,' balancing TV and film and women writing in Hollywood."

Very interesting & indepth article.

Hot Topic Movie Premier Contest

Hot Topic Is Having A Contest To Win 2 Tickets To The TW Preimer:

One Grand Prize Winner Will Get:
Two (2) Round-Trip Airfare Tickets
Hotel Accomodations, One (1) Room for One(1) Night
Transportation Between the Airport, Premiere and Hotel

Go here to enter

source: B&E

The Cleaner Episode Still

I know how much we all love the beanies so I couldn't resist posting this one. Rob, Kellan, & Jackson have all been seen in beanies, what about Peter?


Kellan - Looking For Love?

Kellan attended the premiere & afterparty for Max Payne last night. I know a few ladies who would like to remedy the "single" issue. To see more pics click here.

TW Run Time Announced: 120 min!!!!!!!!

"Today, the studio behind Twilight has announced the film's official runtime, and it is three numbers that should bring a smile to the face of Stephenie Meyer's loyal fans: 120 minutes."

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Moon Sequel???

Nikki Fenke of Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that Summit is readying the 'Twilight' sequel. Go here to read her article.

"When your soundtrack isn't even completed much less released (not until November 4th), yet it's already in the Top 5 Best-Selling Albums on Amazon based on pre-sales alone, you know you have a hit. When Borders makes an exclusive calendar and sells out the first printing in a matter of days, you know you have a hit. And when the new trailer to your movie surpasses 3.5 million views less than 48 hours after its online debut, you know you have a hit."

Edward Cullen for President??

click here to watch

How To Be at New Orleans Film Festival

How To Be was at the New Orleans film festival (NOLA) & Rob called in after the show!
"When Rob said "hello" there was a little trill of excited screams that went through the crowd, but for the most part, people contained themselves, lol.
Rob said he was calling from his car, stuck in traffic in LA, as he was running late after just having left work (filming a new project, I guess??)
He talked about how he got involved in the project, how he loved the script."
source: tMF

Twilight Premiere at the South Point Casino in LV

There will be a Twilight premiere at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas on November 18th at 7PM with a pre-party at 6PM. General admission is $25 and VIP seating is $100.
Tickets will go on sale on October 31st at the South Point Box Office or at You can get more information here. No word on whether Rob will be in attendance.
source: here

Twilight Premier Location Change

Pattinson Online is confirming the TW premier location change
Staffer Marissa sent an email to Lisa Ha, who is in charge of premieres and private screenings at Mann Village Theatre, Westwood.
Question: I was wondering if you can confirm that the Twilight Premiere has been moved from Grauman’s to The Village in Westwood.
Answer: Yes, it is now at the Village.

TiVo Alert!!

According to Twilighters Anonymous Monday's edition of the
Insider will have a peice called, "The Sexy Hunks of Twilight"

More Twilight merchandise

From B&E more news of merchandise that will be sold at FYE/Coconuts/Saturday Matinee/Specs stores:
Standees (Cardboard Cutouts) - $29.99 these ones are exclusives, they are
only sold at our stores, no where else!
Puzzle - $16.99
-Full Cast
-Edward & Bella
-Twilight Mirror - $39.99
-Twilight Music Box - $26.99
-Twilight Perfume - $19.99
source: B&E

Twilight cast appearances

Text "Bella" and your zip code to 43KIX (43549) and you will receive updates about screenings, events, press tours, etc...It's free!

* Studio will only host one advance screening per market, in top 50 markets nationwide. Each screening will be small, so tickets will be more than impossible to obtain. Advance screenings will be week of release, Tuesday before.

* The cast will be touring major cities in the U.S week of Nov. 10th.
* Robert will tour: San Fra, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Philly
* Kristen: Atlanta (13th), DC (14th).
* Bad vampires Cam/Rachelle/Edi: Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Minneapolis, Miami (Miami-Nov. 15th)"

source: Spunk Ransom My Space

Kellan leaving Kress in Hollywood. Do you think he is Team Edward????

Twilight cast on E! Daily 10 Oct. 10, 2008!!