Friday, October 24, 2008

Review of Twilight Soundtrack

Ok I could give you a break down of the whole CD but lets be honest, you want to know about Rob Pattinson's song Never Think and Bella's Lullaby. Far be it for me to not give the addicts what they want, so here it is.

I loved Never Think! No, not because it is Rob singing. The song is slow acoustic guitar and very calming. I can see me listening to it at night before I go to sleep. I will hand it to Rob, when he is not in a nervous boozed state, his voice is beautiful. From the beginning of the song you know it is him, he has a signature sound.

Unfortunately I can not say the same for Bella's Lullaby. The piano was so so and I hated all the added instruments. This song was made for Bella by Edward, not Edward and an orchestra. There was high hopes for this song that definitely were not met.

All in all, I did pre-order the CD and it will be in constant rotation on my I Pod. Hey I left Hot Topic happy, I heard Rob sing without the back ground noise of a pub and I got a new Twilight hoodie who could ask for more.


PS I wish I would have known this 3 hours ago but if you get your soundtrack off of ITunes you will get 3 bonus tracks Clair De Lune, La Traviata and Let Me Sign By Rob Pattinson. Thanks SpunkRansom for the info.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot Topic Twilight Soundtrack Listening Party

Oct. 24th at 7pm is the Twilight soundtrack listening party at all the Hot Topic stores. I have been told that all Twilight merchandise will be 10% off tomorrow night. (But you may want to check with your local store.) If you can not make it check out our shop here at CBA we have up a ton of new shirts.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does Kellan Lutz Sleep??

Ok so it is a slow day for news!! There is ALWAYS Kellan news though. I am beginning to think that he does not sleep. Maybe he is a vampire. Also, if we put up a story every time Kellan was spotted we would need to change the name of the site to Kellan Lutz Anonymous (which might be ok with me). Here is a run down on Kellan in the last 9 days in a quick slide show. 9 DAYS PEOPLE, 7 pictures, does he sleep?

Click here for slide show.

Also Kim is our ace reporter and she is on a cruise this week, and I am bitter. So I want to put up a story about Taylor/Jacob. So if anyone can help me with a good lengthy story on him that would be awesome. **evil laugh**

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scream 2008 Twilight preview

Sorry it is not the best quality and the girl gets a little excited but you can at least hear what is going on.

Rob on SNL, EW Gives Three Reasons Why

By now you have probably heard that everyone and their mother is trying to get Rob as the host of Saturday Night Live on Nov. 1. Now Entertainment weekly is jumping on the ban wagon with the three reasons Rob should host.

1. It would be good for the economy: In these lean times, everyone's looking to save a buck or two -- even big networks like NBC -- and in Rob you get not only a host, but a musical guest to boot. And after my exclusive preview of the Twilight soundtrack, which includes Pattinson's song "Never Think," I can whole-heartedly endorse the vamp's vocal prowess.

2. The inevitable Twilight parody: Pregnant Amy Poehler (as Bella Swan) + Rob = Breaking Dawn fabulousity. I wonder if Amy can vomit blood on cue?

3. He's just plain fun to look at

I actually think 1 would be a hard sell because of the musical guest side because he said recently he isn't looking at being in both acting and singing at the same time like many celebs of today do who are multi-talented. Would it be cool if he did? Absolutely! I do think we are more likely to get him to be host than do both duties. I could be wrong though? Either way, November 1st! E-mail. crusade for SNL and she mentioned a petition as well.

Sign the Petition

Source: Spunk Ransom

Kellan & Ashley interview at Sex Drive premiere

Click here to watch the interview.


New Interview with Peter Facinelli

Actor Peter Facinelli, who plays patriarch Dr. Carlisle Cullen in 'Twilight,' talks about the veggie vampire clan, that unforgettable baseball scene, his wife Jennie Garth's Twilighter status, and why he almost turned down the role of Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the first place.

For more click here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Instyle Talks Twilight Fashion

A tight budget, filming in rainy Oregon and unique characters created a challenge for Chuck to find the right pieces and in some cases she had to improvise. For example the gray jacket Edward wears in the film was custom-made. "My job is less about putting clothes together and more about solving problems. Twilight has such great characters, though, which made creating the looks really fun," she says.

For more on this story click here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rob At Austin Film Festival

"I turned around to glimpse a small group of people walking across the back of the theatre and recognized Rob's HAIR and his leather jacket!!!"

Go here to read the full report. View more pics in our gallery.