Saturday, November 1, 2008

TW Board Game

"A new board game based on the highly anticipated Twilight motion picture! Reenact the hunt for Bella through the woods of Olympic Peaks with your friends, with one team portraying Bella and Edward while the other representing the hunting nomads James and Victoria. Each team uses hidden movement system - who will survive to the morning? Release date: January 28th, 2009."

I found it online here. We are so playing it at a meet up next year!

HQ Version Of Rob's Song "Never Think"

This is just beautiful! It may take a minute to download.

Thanks 2barbarella1986 & Lion & Lamb LJ

Meet The TW Cast @ Hot Topic

"Want to meet the cast members from the most highly anticipated film of the year? Of course you do. So prepare yourself for an event you can sink your teeth into, because the cast of Twilight will descend on select Hot Topic stores nationwide in November! Malls will be selected soon, so keep checking for the latest information. Need more details? Look below!"

Click here for the details from Hot Topic.

Happy November!!!

It's November! The month we have all been waiting for is finally here!! (please excuse the exclamation points) November!!! November!!! November!!! What a glorious month it will be!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Peter Facinelli Interview

TwilightersAnonymousPodcast just did an interview with the wonderful Peter Facinelli:

TA: So what is harder, being the father of 3 young daughters or 5 teenage vampires?

PF: Ah that's a good one. Well they're different. Three daughters is a big responsibility and everyday I worry about who they're going to become and how their day is going to be, so there's a lot of pressure. Five teenage vampires, they're a handful I'd have to say.... also, I pretty much have like 15 years left, then I get to have my life back and get to travel while they're off at college. When you're a vampire's forever. I have to make sure they brush their teeth for eternity.

Go here to read the full interview. EPISODE 25 "Paging Dr. Cullen" is now on iTunes & the FeedBurner and will soon be available on their website.

TW Cast Tour Update

The following is from Stephenie Meyer's website. It was sent to them by Summit.

TWILIGHT Cast members are coming to city near you!

Robert Pattinson
November 10th - San Francisco
November 11th - Dallas
November 12th - Chicago
November 13th - Philadelphia
November 14th - Boston

Edi Gathegi/Rachelle Lefevre/Taylor Lautner
November 10th - Seattle
November 11th - Denver
November 12th - Phoenix
November 13th - Houston
November 14th - Minneapolis
November 15th - Miami

Kristen Stewart
November 13th - DC
November 14th - New Jersey

They said there is some missing information & more details will be added very soon.

Source: Here

Twilight soundtrack review

Leah Greenblatt at reviewed the Twilight soundtrack. She gave it an A- and said it was to die for. Please see the review below. 

The big-screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's sexy-vampire saga could have gone the classic heart-of-darkness route (Bauhaus, where art thou?). Instead, they've tapped Alexandra Patsavas, the music supervisor behind The O.C.Grey's Anatomy, andGossip Girl, and she aptly applies her zeitgeisty sensibility to the Twilightsoundtrack, pulling exclusive cuts from acts like Paramore (singer Hayley Williams is a confessed superfan of the series) and MuteMath. The disc begins with epic Brit-rockers Muse's excellently grandiose "Supermassive Black Hole," from their 2006 release Black Holes and Revelations, followed by Paramore's "Decode," in which Williams forsakes the band's bouncier punk-pop sound for a more sprawling, Evanescence-like romanticism (see also: "I Caught Myself," a more rocking addition later on the album). Other standouts? U.K. electronic duo Black Ghosts, whose "Full Moon" is a woozy, feat of otherworldly melody, MuteMath's shuddering, hand-clappy rocker "Spotlight (Twilight Mix)," the always-lovely acoustic folkie Iron & Wine's "Flightless Bird, American Mouth," and pretty piano closer "Bella's Lullaby," from composer Carter Burwell.

Smartly (since the film is, for all its supernatural trappings, essentially a love story) Patsavas's soundtrack provides plenty of fist-pumping moments but far more that are just plain swoony. A-

Source: Here

Empire Magazine TW Cast Photoshoot Video

This is a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot.

Source: here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Footage Of TW From Rome!

This is an 8 min clip of the movie. Don't watch if you don't want to be majorly spoiled!!! Also there is a lot of screaming & laughing at first but it quiets down as it goes along. It is well worth watching!

Source: 1995candy & Spunk Ransom MySpace

Hotties from Twilight

Okay, I don't know why they think they have to put Jacob in this article, but they did so you will just have to over look him (He is Definitely not a hottie!). And they put him right in the middle, why isn't Rob there? And where is Jasper? Anyways, this article will be in December's issue of J-14 Magazine. 

Source: Here

Little Ashes

In Little Ashes, Rob plays the late artist Slavador Dall. People are saying that Rob shares a love scene with Javier Beltran. The movie is scheduled for release on March 27, 2009.

To read the whole article click here

Paramore's Decode video

Hayley from Paramore announced that the new Decode video will be around 30% film footage and its mixed with performance and concept shots. Hopefully there will be new footage that we have not seen yet.

The video will premiere November 3rd on MTV, MTV2, MTVU, and You can also check out for behind the scenes footage. 

Source: Here

Rob is in Rome

Rob, Kristin and Catherine are at the Rome International Film Festival in Rome, Italy. A 15 minute clip of Twilight will be premiered at the festival!

Click here to check this page out for tons of pictures from Rome!


Empire Magazine

Some of the stars from Twilight will be in Empire Magazine's new issue. 

"It dawned on me at Comic-Con," he says in Empire's December issue, "Walking out on stage was the weirdest experience of my life. It was like being in N Sync."

But he's not letting all the attention go to his head- or his stomach. "Afterwords I was like, Wow, I was just in a room with 7,000 girls screaming at me. Now what am I going to have for dinner"

Robert also says that he knew from day one that his chemistry with on-screen love Kristen Stewart was undeniable. "It was there from the beginning. The way Kristen and I reacted to each other just felt right. It was exactly right for Edward and Bella's relationship. And it's all about the relationship."


Twilight Saga Release Date Changed

The official Twilight Saga website is reporting that the release date for the Twilight Saga: The Official Guide has been changed from December 30th to 2009. A new release date will be announced as soon as possible. Here is the reason they gave:

"As the only official guide about the Twilight Saga, we want to make this edition as special as possible. We are including more of the exclusive material that you all have been asking for over the past several months, which will require additional time."

They also gave us a sneek peek of the Guide's official cover!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 6th TV Promo

5th TV Promo

It's a good one!

Official TW Soundtrack Announcement:

CD Poster, iTunes Announcement

"We have two major things to announce today about the Twilight Soundtrack. First of all – we would like to confirm that the CD booklet on the physical CD will fold out into a Twilight poster! There are four versions of the poster, and they are randomly mixed throughout all of the CDs. There is an Edward, Bella, James, and a Bella/Edward poster that you could get in your CD. You can see them below. Good luck on getting your favorite!

Also – the iTunes digital album is available for pre-order today! The iTunes version includes 3 bonus songs – Rob Pattinson’s ‘Let Me Sign’, plus two orchestral pieces from the movie, La Traviata and Clair de Lune. You will also get a digital booklet pdf including artwork and images from Twilight. "

Click here to see the posters & pre-order the CD.

Rob's Hair: He Wants To Do What?

Goodbye sex hair? Apparently Rob can't wait to cut his hair.

He said, "Nothing’s ever baffled me as much as this,” adding, “I wanted to get a haircut today, but they wouldn’t let me. They were like, ‘You can’t ruin our marketing!"

Read the full story here.

Jackson In AP Magazine

The December issue of AP Magazine will feature an interview Jackson Rathbone! The magazine will hit stores Nov 4th. Here's the cover so you know what to look for:

The article talks about Twilight, his upcomming project S. Darko & his band. We have a scan in our Jackson gallery here.


Rob Speaks To The Fans In Madrid

This isn't the best quality but it is a must see! Watch for the new scenes!!

Twilight Dolls Info

The TW Lexicon has posted an exclusive interview with Robert Tonner owner of Tonner Dolls. Tonner Dolls is producing a high end line of TW dolls due to come out right after Christmas. Their products are award-winning & known for being of high quality & detail.
Go here to read the interview. You can also sign up for Tonner's mailing list here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TW TV Promo #4

This is not the best quality but I've looked around & haven't found a better one yet. Oh & a heads up there's part of a commercial at the begining.

Credit: snaprebelx

Congratultions Rob!

Last night Rob received the "New Hollywood Award" at the Hollywood Awards Gala. View more pics in our gallery here.

What is the "New Hollywood Award"? This is from the Hollywood Awards website:


CRITERIA is based in great performances by emerging and/or rising film talent.
The "New Hollywood Awards" recognizes both emerging and/or rising stars in the film industry.

An interview from the awards show last night.

Exciting News From MTV's Movie Blog!

MTV Wants To Celebrate ‘Twilight’ With Movie’s Stars, Footage And You! RSVP Today For Our L.A. Event!

"MTV News will be holding a very special “Twilight” event in Los Angeles on November 7th, as we tape a television special celebrating the much-anticipated movie. “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and director Catherine Hardwicke will be in attendance to address the crowd, and they’ll premiere never-before-seen footage from the movie some two weeks before it hits theaters. Hardwicke will also take questions from attendees during a Q & A session."

Go here to read the the rest of the announcement & find out how you can be in the audience. Thank you MTV!

Twilight Tuesday!! ROB A RAPPER???

MTV has let us down the past few weeks by not having interviews with any of the Cullen Boys. But fear not they are back!!! Twilight stars answer fan questions and Rob tells that he wanted to be a rapper when he was younger...OME! Thank god he chose acting.

Read it here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

MSN Has An Exclusive TW Clip

'Twilight' Exclusive Clip: "Your Theories"
'Twilight' Exclusive Clip: "Your Theories"

This is so AWESOME!!!!! Watch NOW!!!

Rob Will Be In NY On Nov 4th

For all the NY addicts Pattinson Online has confirmed that Rob will be live in the studio of the Elvis Duran z100 Morning Show. If you don't live in New York don't worry! They have a live stream of their programming! Just click on the button that says Listen Live!

Go here to read the original Pattinson Online post.

DVR Alert!!!

Rob & Kirsten will introduce two new sneak peek clips of Twilight that will air during tomorrow night's "Greek" finale on ABC Family. Check your local listings for air times.

source: here

TW TV Promo #3

Source: here Posts New TW Behind The Scenes Footage

Some of this is new & some isn't. This is part 1 stay tuned for part 2.

Kellan's Saturday Night Magazine Interview

Saturday Night Magazine has a great interview with Kellan in it's November issue. You can read it here. Enjoy this small excerpt:

What’s your favorite thing to do or place to go on a Saturday Night?
Well my roommates and I have Saturday nights as our game nights, so we usually try and go bowling or to the arcade or play Putt Putt or we just hang at home and play Taboo or Pictionary Man or Phase 10 or Life or Risk… the list goes on and on… Saturday nights are our FUN NIGHTS!

The photos that accompany interview are from the photo shoot and are posted here in our Kellan gallery.

source: Just Kellan MySpace

Ryan Seacrest Reads A Passage From TW

Want Some Cam Candy?

MTV has given us an early Halloween treat! It's Larry Carroll's latest article & interview with Cam Gigandet:

'Twilight' Star Cam Gigandet Talks About Creepy Kids In 'Unborn,' Being Shirtless Onscreen: 'I'm practically naked throughout the entire movie,' actor laughs about 'Twilight.'

Go here to read the the full interview.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another New TW TV Promo

What do you guys think about this one?


Time For Some Rob Lovin'

I'm back from vacation. Let's Robsess!

I happened to be in Mexico the same time that Rob was. How lucky am I? Never mind that he was in a different city. Rob was there for a TW fan event in Mexico City where he introduced the final Twilight trailer. View all the pics in our gallery.

Source: here

Noticontactos Interview:

Here are two slightly different translated versions of an interview Rob did in Mexico with Noticontactos. The first is from Pattinson Online & was translated by Yvonne here. The second is from Robert Eroica MySpace & was translated by Amanda here. See if you can spot the differences. Look especially closely at this question, "If you could change something about the Twilight story, what would it be?"

Fan Accounts & Reports of Rob's visit:

Here is one from Mexican newspaper Periodico Reforma translated & posted by Spunk Ransom MySpace:


When he came in to the movie theater and heard the very loud screaming of 160 fans, the actor Robert Pattinson didn't know what to say: he put his hand thru his messy hair and blush.

In the meantime 13 bodyguards struggle to maintain the young women calm for just a few minutes, but all that was heard in the theater were screams and compliments for the british actor; gazing at the crowd he sat down and talked on a speakerphone.

"Hola" (hello) he told them, and although it was the only word he spoke in spanish, the fans celebrated jumping from their seats while trying to get the perfect picture with their cameras and cell phones."Thanks a lot for waiting, this is incredible", he said, before he started signing the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and which is based on the movie he stars in.

"I feel very nervous and happy, I hope that you enjoy the trailer", he told them; however the actual screening of the trailer never took place in the movie theater of Santa Fe.

During 40 minutes, the actor who also appeared on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, sign autographs for fans who waited 15 hours to see him.

This is the case of 17 year old Abigail Aguilar, 16 year old Melissa Rosales and 23 year old Luis Santiago; the 3 of them came from Tabasco just to catch a glimpse of Pattinson and although they met him for just a brief seconds the 3 of them concluded that it was well worth it.

"We arrived at 3:00 a.m. of yesterday, straight from the airport, I like him a lot physically, he's gorgeous, I like his face, his nose and his hair is the best", said Melissa with a beaming smile.

Other ones to arrive early were Naomi Jardine, Daniela Diaz and Elena Mitsue at 2:00 a.m. despite the cold weather.

Just the same of dozens of girls they didn't care to cut school or no sleep at all, because they said, that one of their greatest wishes was meeting Pattinson.

"We slept outside the movie theater in a sleeping bag, but we didn't care, he's gorgeous, I like his smile and the way he acts, he's the sexiest vampire in the world." also has a good report. Go here to read the full account.

"However, those of us who did get to see him where indeed dazzled and bedazzled (??). Not just because of his obvious good looks and charm, but because of how sweet, humble, unassuming and wonderful he really is. He seemed to be taken by surprise by all the support from fans of a country he had never visited. Thankfully everyone cooperated and behaved so he could get to appreciate it. It seemed like he did, he just kept smiling and laughing, waving at everyone and saying Hola. Just a really sweet guy."

TW TV Commercial With New Scenes

Here is the official Twilight tv commercial that will begin airing this week. YES it contains new scenes that are yummy!! If you have trouble breathing while watching don't worry it's only 30 seconds.

Source: fandango

Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene @ TwiCon 2009

Get ready to drool! Kellan (Emmitt) will be a guest at the Dallas TwiCon! Ashley Greene (Alice) will also appear. Go here to read the official announcement. TwiCon will take place July 30th - Aug 2nd 2009 in Dallas at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. You better get your tickets soon if you haven't all ready done so.