Saturday, November 22, 2008

Myspace Artist on Artist

Click here to see the Myspace Artist on Artist with Hayley from Paramore and Rob.



Peter Facinelli on Chelsea Lately


Rob & Kristen Thank Fans, Summit Confirms NM

If you're signed up for Summit's email's you received this today. How nice! We are looking forward to sharing the next chapter with you guys too!!!

~ K

Peter Facinelli On The Bonnie Hunt Show

Source: RobinIsLuvdotnet (YouTube User)

Press Play...Close Your Eyes & Pretend Your Bella...Come On You Know You Want To...Enjoy!

~ K

TW Picture Disk

From The Official TW Soundtrack website:

Hot Topic will be selling an exclusive 12" Picture Disk starting 11/25! The vinyl features two songs – Paramore 'Decode' and The Black Ghosts 'Full Moon'. You can preorder your copy now at There were only a limited amount of these made, so don't wait to get yours!

~ K

Two Movie Guys TW Review

2MG "Twilight" Review from Ryan Bellgardt on Vimeo.

CBA member Dawn Cullen is in here! She is at 1:25 & the 5th person they speak to. Dawn was selected as the 2 Movie Guy's (Lucas & Ryan) special guest & got to see the movie early at a special screening.

Thanks Dawn!

~ K

Robert Biting Tyra YouTube

Try not to hate her...

Thanks to Dawn & DazzlingTwilighter (youTube user)


Twilight Could Take In 30 Million On Opening Day Alone

Variety has an article about TW opening day & the weekend box office totals:

Summit Entertainment’s "Twilight" could see an opening day take of $30 million from 3,419 playdates after grossing north of $7 million in Thursday midnight shows.

"Twilight'" is expected to open in the $50 million to $60 million range, although it has a shot of ending in the 60s. It depends upon how much traffic slows down from Friday to Saturday.

Go here to read the full article. I am really excited to see the totals!

~ Kim

Friday, November 21, 2008

Robert On The Ellen Show

I loved seeing his reaction to his parents! I also love the Ellen underwear.

Thanks Dorseybell (youtube user)


Catherine Comments On The DVD...

"I've seen the sparkle scene on Blu-ray, and it looks really great. I was worried how that would translate." Not entirely satisfied with the results of the sparkle effect tests she saw from several FX facilities, Hardwick decided to take matters into the best possible hands, ILM, and is hoping that they go back in and take advantage of the Blueray technology.

"We are looking into to going back to ILM and pushing that scene a little further for the Blu-ray disc. We have about a dozen deleted or extended scenes to put on the DVD, and I made a couple crazy montages of all the times the vampires kiss or attack someone and of all the human hijinx, and I've done a visual remix of the movie for the DVD also."

Source: Here & Here
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Twilight opening night numbers

Not surprisingly, Twilight rocked the box office Thursday night.

Don't believe us? Read the writing on the wall.

The movie took in about $7 million - just from midnight screenings!


- Fandango has been selling 5 Twilight tickets per second, as of early Friday morning

- Fandango sold out more than 1,000 Twilight midnight show times on Thursday night, in advance and online

- 34% of moviegoers in a poll said they will take off a few hours from school or the office today to see Twilight

- It’s the company’s fastest-selling film since The Dark Knight in July of this year

- Twilight takes the #3 spot on Fandango’s list of Top Advance Ticket-Sellers, surpassing the Harry Potter, Pirates, and Lord of the Rings movies; Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and The Dark Knight remain in the #1 and #2 spots, respectively

That's a lot of blood they're sucking!


From My Space!!

Artist on Artist Robert Pattinson - Hayley Williams

Source: Here ~ Kim

Rob Bites Tyra!

"Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson gives into Tyra Banks's request and fulfills every female her long-standing vampire fantasy.

The 22-year-old British actor was even taken aback when Tyra had three girls compete in a pie eating contest to win a piece of memorabilia from the movie.
"I still can't believe they are making you guys do this," he said. The winner, Tiffany Kuhne, was blindfolded and led outside to her prize - the Volvo that Robert's character, Edward Cullen, drives in the film.

Robert, 22, and co-star Taylor Lautner, 16, will appear on The Tyra Banks Show on Friday, November 28th."

WOW is all I can say! Tyra is a lucky woman.

Taylor & Edi Sing A Little Miley Cyrus

Source: Here ~Kim

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rob & Kristen On The Today Show As Well As Some CBA Members!!

Here's Rob & Kristen's Today Show visit. ***CBA members Personalmiracle, Kimc333 (me), & JasperLover are shown in the crowd from the premiere around 2:20 on the video. Look for the big yellow sign, Joyce's blue shirt, & my Robsicles!!

Thank you Dawn for the link! Source: Here

Pics Of Rob & Kristen At The Today Show

CBA member Photochic820 was at the Today show this morning & sent us the pics! Here's some of what she reported:

"Just got back from the Today show! Rob and Kristen signed my book and I took some pics but I was so nervous when Rob came up to me I forgot to shoot him in front of my face!!! But Kristen posed with my son and I."

Thanks Photochic820!!

Twilight Freaks?

This article from LA Weekly got my attention with it's title, "Twilight Freaks & Star Trek Geeks", basicially it's about the Twilight premiere & opening weekend. Here's an excerpt:

"They were squatting in Westwood outside Mann’s Village theater starting on November 16 to stake out curbside views of the red-carpet arrivals for the Twilight movie premiere the next day. First about 25 people showed, and then 50, mostly female, and growing in size until the crowd numbered 3,000. One of their signs says, “Not Moving Til Twilight.”

Look, these kinds of spontaneous demonstrations of fandom just don’t happen frequently in Hollywood without a nauseating amount of advance flackery. Right now, Hollywood doesn’t quite know what to make of this frenzy in terms of estimating box-office grosses for this low-cost blockbuster’s November 21 opening."

Go here to read the full article. Let us know what you think, leave a comment in our blog. ~Kim

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just a Little Funny!!

I like to think that all of us can relate to this video. You know walking by the silver volvo in the parking lot, ears burn when every you hear the name Edward or giggling every time you see the guy that looks like Rob Pattinson.



Rob to be on Ellen this Friday the 21st

The 22-year-old British actor confirmed to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But while he’s single at the moment, women are throwing themselves at him because of his role as Edward Cullen in the vampire film, Twilight. He shared, “No one else seems to get into a relationship with me. It’s really strange. People like screaming at me. Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit.”
Robert will appear on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday, November 21st.

Picture thanks to RPO!

Rob is named one of People's Sexiest Men Alive!

The issue will hit news stands Friday the 21st (perfect timing with the movie coming out that same day) Hugh Jackman is on the cover. He looks gorgeous in that picture!


CBA Poster Mentioned In MTV Article!

"While one sign promised free earplugs for RPattz if he stopped to say hello..." That was our sign! Go here to read the full article by Larry Caroll.
This is video of the night from MTV:

Thanks JasperLover for letting me know! ~ Kim

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

***Drum Roll Please*** Here are the Red Carpet Pictures

This pictures were taken by Mel aka Melooza. If you would like one of these pictrues please PM her in the forum. Please do not take them and post them on your site without asking her.

Click here for the slideshow.

Just to Hold You Over

Just to hold everyone over until the pictures from last night are posted. And they will be!! Here is proof that CBA was there. To the left is Mel and the right is Joyce. Doesn't Mel look like she is going to kill Jackson for not taking her as his date, and what is Joyce looking for? Pictures will be posted soon!!

Premiere Pics

Just a couple of pics from the premiere for you girls to drool over. The CBA staff has a lot of stuff from the premiere to post so check back often for new pictures.

Twilight Movie

Summit Entertainment has arranged with the major theater circuits for Thursday midnight or Friday morning shows. As of noon ET today, Twilight has already sold out 389 performances at, including more than 140 this past weekend alone. Four days prior to its release, Twilight is already No. 20 on MovieTickets' Top-20 Pre-Sale List of All-Time. The pic has accounted for 85% of tickets sold on the site today. Meanwhile, Warner Bros is using Twilight to debut its new Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince trailer which aired first on the net this weekend. You may recall that Potter vacated the November 21st release date which Twilight grabbed.


Monday, November 17, 2008

First Pictures from the Red Carpet!!

The yellow sign is to let Rob know that we have ear-plugs for him.

Here is the CBA staff getting interviewed by a Euro reporter.

More pictures coming soon!!!!

CBA Members Favored By The Twilight Voodoo Gods!

First an L.A. report. Everyone in L.A. is in line for their wrist bands and they are 20th in line so now doubt they will be in the fan area on the red carpet later this afternoon. Also our staff will be at one of the after parties. Sources tell us this is the party that Jackson's family will be attending.

Second I want to give a big woot woot to Dawn Cullen she is a winner on the website 2Movie Guys

ATTN: DAWN ****** - When you watch this video you will see that your name was not drawn for the Twilight Giveaway. BUT, since you have had so much support from your friends and family, since you actually signed up to follow this blog, and since I can tell by our web statistics that you have been on this site all morning, Lucas and Ryan would like to invite you as our guest of honor to see Twilight tomorrow night with us! We only have one seat, so unfortunately you could not bring a guest. But, if you want to go, please email us at We'll make the arrangements and make sure you get that seat. You deserve it!

Thanks and congratulations!

Ryan and Lucas

Dawn asked me to ask you guys to write to Ryan and Lucas and thank them for taking care of our fellow CBA sister. So please show some love.

See CBA members are favored by the Twilight Voodoo gods! If you are 19 and older and have not joined the forum yet what are you waiting for. Let some of the luck rub off on you and join today!!!

Catherine Hardwicke Greets Fans.

Here is another LA update at 12:00am PST. I just got a call from our staffer Mel that Catherine drove by the Village Theater and then turned around to go back and thank fans that are sleeping outside tonight. She signed autographs and was very sweet to everyone. She even signed the staffs CBA shirts. We will have pictures up for you guys some time in the morning after I have gotten my beauty rest. Please remind me for the New Moon release that I don't want to stay at home!! If I am going to miss sleep I better be meeting the famous people myself. :o)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nov. 16th PodCast in L.A.

Ok here it is!!! Pictures of todays PodCast at Borders. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Melooza,Personalmaricle, JasperLover and JKat. Melooza was our personal CBA photographer for the event and the other three spent the night in front of Borders.I will post the link to the PodCast once I have that info. All of these pictrues belong to Melooza so please do not take them and post them on another site they are Cullen Boys Anonymous property!!
Enjoy the slideshow!


Much Music with Twilight cast and baseball

Check out this small clip of the Baseball scene from the Much Music. You can find the whole interview on YouTube or if it is now working.

CBA staff and members in LA

Do you wish you were in Los Angeles with the CBA staff and members?? Check out the slideshow of day 2 in LA. Don't worry as you can see other then spending the night sleeping on the sidewalk it is business as usual. Stay tuned up close and personal pictures of Jackson and Peter at todays PodCast will be posted soon. ~C

New Twilight scene

Click here to see a new scene from Twilight. Bella confronts Edward about the accident.


L.A. Update - The Movie Premiere.


Kim wants me to give Ralph Pipe with Special Entertainment Management a big shout out. Thanks to him order has been reinstated at the Village and there is now only one line and a starting point for wrist bands. Thanks again Ralph you are our hero!!!

Kim just called in from one of the two lines (yep two lines) that have formed in front of the Village Theater. One line is along the theater its self and the other is across the street. We are seeing some similarities to the San Francisco meet of Rob. Yet again there is a Twilighter out there with their handy-dandy marker placing numbers on everyone, there is a big worry about where everyone should be lined up and of course the theater knows nothing, because it is all being handled by Summit. Will shoes fly again?
My personal thought is that summit is more concerned about todays PodCast. They must figure that all of the hardcore fans that will sleep in the street would be there today. Boy did they leave out a very important factor, ROB PATTINSON. He is not at the PodCast and therefore neither are his fans, that are now lining up in front of the Village. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that the Twilight VooDoo gods bless our CBA sisters with the wrist bands they need to see our Cullen Boys up close.

On to PodCast news, we will hopefully have an update about this event tonight along with a couple pictures. All of the CBA that slept at the Borders last night did get their wrist bands!


LA Update

So on Saturday night Joyce, Jasperlover & JKat camped out for the Twilight Live Podcast @ the Borders on Westwood. There were about 70 people out there with them but they were the first in line. YAY!

There was no line for the Premier yet (despite a rumor that there were 50 people lined up around 9:30 pm) so Mel & I stayed in the Hotel. I (Kim) can report that around 3am there still is no line.