Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holy Haircut!!!

Photos of Rob taken last night outside of Smashbox studios in Hollywood. I LOVE IT!!!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Gotta Love Rob!!

Especially listen to the very first part & the last 30 seconds.


Hear It Straight From The Horses Mouth...

Hollywire ran into Michael Copon at dinner & has exclusive video of it. They ask him about the Jacob Black rumors & he also explains the FaceBook page. Watch it here.



The War Continues: J - 14 Has An Interview With Michael Copon

This interview gets right to the point! BEWARE it will raise your blood pressure if your Team Taylor!

J-14: Everyone's putting you up against Taylor Lautner - why do you think you should be Jacob?

Michael: I have nothing against Taylor personally. I think he's great and tremendous at what he does. But it's just adjusting to the fact that Jacob has to grow. It's a matter of going with the storyline. It goes with the territory. I see so much in Jacob Black that I feel like wasn't brought to the first film that if I had the opportunity, I would totally create an amazing character. He's more than just a guy who walks around and smiles and likes Bella. It's just too one-sided. It's two colors and I feel like Jacob is full of a hundred colors.

J-14: Taylor's been bulking up to try to get the role. Have you been preparing in any way?

Michael: If anything, I feel like I need to bulk down. Right now I'm close to 200 pounds of muscle. Taylor's probably what, 140, if he's lucky? I'm already 200 pounds, so there's no need for me to get any bigger. Plus he's 5'6" and I'm 6'2". In the book, he grows eight inches and I'm exactly eight inches taller than Taylor. Huge difference.

Read more here.


Kellan & Ashley Together Agian In New Movie

MTV is reporting that Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz will play lovers in their next project called, 'Warrior'.
It's a Lacrosse drama where Kellan, who plays Connor, has the staring role & Ashley, plays Brooke, his love interest. Read more here.


Download The Twilight Soundtrack For Only $6.99

If you still haven't purchased the Twilight Movie Soundtrack now's the time. On you can download the "Twilight Movie Soundtrack" for only $6.99. They are also currently offering "Decode" by Paramore for only $0.79.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

The War for Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner vs. Michael Copon

By: Crstlbtrfly

Michael Copon has good reason for wanting to replace Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in New Moon, the sequel to the box office smash hit Twilight. The first movie of the franchise has already grossed $204,215,854.00 world wide in just four short weeks. All four books of the Twilight saga are still in the top ten on both and at Barnes & Noble. Lastly, the doors that have opened to all of the young actors that are casted in the Twilight movies are countless. This is the chance of a life time!

So let's break it down, who will make the better Jacob Black in the upcoming film?

Michael is 6'1, 26 years old and half Filipino and German compared to Taylor at 5'9, 17 years old and part Native American, German, Italian, Irish and Mexican. Both are dark completed but neither fully Native American as Jacob is. Michael and Taylor both have extensive acting background in mostly television, Michael being best known for his roles in Power Rangers and One Tree Hill, and Taylor for his roles in Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, and of course as Jacob Black in Twilight.

Below is a link to YouTube clips showcasing each actor and his acting skills. I want to point out that I did not choose a clip of Taylor playing Jacob so that you can judge each actor in a non-biest way.

Michael Copon: One Tree Hill

Taylor Lautner: My Own Worst Enemy

So you be the judge. Should Taylor go and Michael replace him in the roll of Jacob? Or can Taylor pull off Jacob's transformation into a werewolf for New Moon and the remaining two films?

My thoughts:

If you have spent any time with me in our forum you know that Taylor holds a special place in my little Twilight loving heart. (not in a creepy cougar after jail bait kind of way. Gees you guys!!) I would like to point out a couple of reason why I think Taylor should stay in the roll as Jacob.

The obvious, Taylor has already played the part and in my mind is the epitome of Jacob Black, sweet, stubborn, absolutely adorable and just a bit cocky. Not to mention the extent that Taylor is willing to go to keep the part, putting on twenty pounds and guaranteeing director Chris Weitz ten more by March. (ladies all of you know you would never gain 30 lbs just to be in a movie. Lol) Like I have said in some of my blogs I believe it could be disastrous to the movie franchise to replace him. It shows poor judgment on Summits part. Did they truly under estimate the massiveness of Twilight as a book and what its adaptation into a movie would be? Did they think the first movie would flop and there would be no other sequels? (I find that hard to swallow since the cast signed contracts for not just one movie but three). Why hire someone to play the part of a teenager that changes physically into a grown man if he can not pull it off?

As far as Michael Copon is concerned the recent articles that have been released are disturbing to me, and make me truly dislike the guy. Last week there was news in the Twilight fandom that Copon was posting his status on Face Book as being Jacob Black and other statements along those lines. Yet today he says to that the talk about him playing Jacob is nothing but rumors. Which is it Michael Copon, are you up for the part or not? It looks to me like someone is opening their mouth when he should have been quiet. Not to mention that Michael said in the same interview that he just started reading Twilight. News for you Copon you are trying to get a role in NEW MOON and you got over 2000 more pages to go in the whole Twilight series. My advise to you, stop playing with your Face Book and get to reading!!

Finally here is the last reason why I think Taylor should stay. Notice his answer compared to Jackson's. Not that there was anything wrong with Jackson's answer.

And that is what it is all about. The Twilight Fan!!

If you would like to comment on this article visit our News Blog! Be honest I can take it. lol

Taylor Lautner Talks About New Moon

Taylor spoke to MTV about his campaign to stay on the New Moon movie. Taylor say's he has put on 19 pounds & "guarantees" Chris Weitz 10 more pounds by filming. He also shares that he's meeting with Weitz on Friday (tomorrow). Taylor also lets us know that reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated.
There is much more. Go here to read the full story.

Michael Copon Comments On The New Moon Controversy

Pop has an interview with Michael Copon. The interview gives us a better idea of who Michael Copon is from his musical ability & upcoming projects to the fact that he's a Dallas Cowboy's fan. Here's an excerpt where he comment's on the NM rumors:

PopStar: Can we talk Twilight?

Michael Copon: I think that it is pretty clear that there are huge rumors going around the Internet about me up for the role as Jacob Black. At this point, they are only rumors. There are a lot of opinions going around on the Internet about this role. It is definitely a role of a lifetime and I would love to have that chance.

PopStar: Have you read Twilight?

Michael Copon: I have just started reading Twilight. Everyone kept saying that it was the best book in the world so I had to go and read it.

Read the full interview here.


Twilighters: MTV News' Woman Of The Year!

MTV has named it's 2008 women of the year & it's us! The Twilighter! Read the article here.


Peter Facinelli Discusses New Director

Peter talked with OK Magazine at the Z100 Jingle Ball in NYC on Dec the 12th. He had some comments on the director shake up.

"I would have loved to work with her [Hardwicke] again, I hope I get to work with her again. But I'm more than confident that they'll pick somebody that will keep that tone. It will be great."

Read the rest here.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Empire Online interview


Myspace contest

See Twilight again and win a call from Robert!

A reminder to everyone! MySpace is throwing an amazing contest in which you can win a special greeting call from Rob Pattinson on New Years eve!


For All The Team Taylor People...


Is There Anything Kellan Lutz Can't Do?

Here's a youtube of the commercial for Hillary Duff's new fragrance With Love. Kellan is gorgeous in this.



Twilight Bandaids - This Is Not A Joke

Available from Hot Topic for $6.99. Click here to purchase.


Time: People Who Mattered 2008

Maybe Americans aren't ready for a Mormon presidential nominee yet. But they're more than ready to anoint a Mormon as the best-selling novelist of the year. The hero of Meyer's Twilight series — and hit movie — is a vampire named Edward who doesn't kill people and declines to sleep with, or bite, his girlfriend Bella. Meyer's religious upbringing taught her something few writers grasp, that fantasies can be about restraint as well as excess. Sometimes nice girls do finish first.

Congratulations to Stephenie Meyer you're the BEST!

Just one thing though, for 2009 can we please put the 'Mormon' thing to rest. I have never heard an authors religion mentioned so much before & it's really just getting anoying. Stephenie doesn't make it an issue but the media sure does.



Jackson Rathbone Article

The Electric New Paper has a peice on Jackson:

Rathbone has been acting professionally for a few years, appearing in TV shows like Beautiful People, The OC and Close To Home.

Most recently, he played a hippie jailbird in the Rob Schneider comedy, Big Stan, and has the Donnie Darko sequel, S Darko, in the can.

He's also been in London shooting the Clive Barker horror film, Dread, and has been cast in M Night Shyamalan's live-action adaptation of animation series The Last Airbender.

Go here to read the full article. They also have a peice on Ashley Greene, go here to read it.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rob As Jack Sparrow's Brother In 4th Pirates?

Here at CBA we don't post news from gossip sites but for this I will make an exception....

There is a rumor going around that Rob is in the running to play Captain Jack Sparrow's brother in the 4th instalment of The Pirates of the Caribbean. What is sweet about this is not only will Rob get to work with Johnny Depp but he will be replacing the dreaded RUSSELL BRAND!!!! We all remember Russell from the MTV awards show he hosted where he CUT ROB OFF from delivering his lines by interrupting him. Oh what justice for Rob to replace him.

The following is from Hollywood Dame:

"Russell Brand was said to be in the running along with Zac Efron, but after Brand perturbed in the Disney kingdom by slamming the Jonas Brothers and their dedication to chastity...he is due to be replaced. Current front runner is the new hotness, Robert Pattinson. With his massive and still growing fan base, Disney wants his appeal to ensure the success of another pirate movie. Fingers are crossed for a 2011 start date."

Go here to read more.


New Moon Release Date Nov 20th, 2009

We all know this news already right? New Moon - November 20th, 2009

Here's an article from Box Office Mojo if you want to read more.


A Closer Look At Chris Weitz

MTV's Larry Carroll asks, '"Who is Chris Weitz?" & takes a closer look at him.

Despite fan fears that a male director might not be able to connect with the love-struck mind-set of Bella Swan, filmmaker Chris Weitz is probably feeling quite close to his main character right now, as he enters pre-production for "New Moon."

He's the new kid at Forks High, similarly hoping that he'll make friends and become a straight-A student. Now, in order to talk the millions of "Twilight" fans into taking him to the prom, he's begun cozying up to them in biology class.....

Larry goes on to give details about Chris Weitz's background & career.

Go here to read the full article.


Rob Is # 4 On MTV News' Men Of The Year List

Robert Pattinson

2008 Highlights: Starred as Edward Cullen in a little movie by the name of "Twilight," which bowed in November to record receipts and mass hysteria ... Mobbed by fans at Comic-Con in San Diego ... Sang a pair of songs on the "Twilight" soundtrack ... Temporarily lost his hearing at the "Twilight" premiere in Hollywood ... Invited "Twilight" fans to hurl themselves at him ... Subject of innumerable bits of fan fiction too risque and/or disturbing to reprint here ... Has amazing hair ... Quite possibly stole actress Camilla Belle away from Joe Jonas ... Will play artist Salvador Dali in next year's "Little Ashes" ... Is so pale and brooding he might actually be a vampire.



Jennie Garth Talks About Husband Peter Facinelli & Twilight

Jennie Garth spoke to Access Hollywood about Peter's role in future TW movies, & Catherine not returning to direct New Moon. Go here to read the article.

Rob's Finest Interview Moments

These are highlights from all of Rob's quirky & funny interviews moments. If you're a Rob addict then these will surely satisy your craving. Thank you Kate111333(youtube user)! *there is some foul language in a few clips.

Part One:

Part Two:



Monday, December 15, 2008

The View Point Inn Damaged By Fire

The historic View Point Inn, where the prom scene was filmed in Twilight , was damaged by fire Sunday night. The fire is said to have started in the walls. The kitchen, the basement & a room on the second floor were damaged. Go here to watch a video report from Fox 12 News in Oregon.
If you are interested in giving a donation to help in the recovery visit their MySpace page.


Rob Likes Older Smart Gals!

There's hope for all us older women!! In an article by The Electric New Paper Rob mentions this:

'I don't really have a 'type', but I like smart people. You know, I really like (comedienne-actress) Tina Fey. She is, like, the sexiest woman.'

He also admitted having crushes on actresses Patricia Arquette and Elisabeth Shue at one point.

Looks like he does have a 'type' - older women.

Read the rest here.

That's all the confirmation I need.


MTV New Moon Casting News:

"Michael Copon, Ben Barnes Push For Roles In 'Twilight' Sequel: Copon is hoping to replace Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, while Barnes is angling to play mind-reading vampire Aro.

MTV News can confirm that 26-year-old "Scorpion King 2" actor Michael Copon [pronounced "COPE-on"] is one of several actors Weitz is considering to play the new, larger Jacob Black. A representative for Copon told us that they're making a full effort to land the high-profile gig.

MTV News has confirmed that 27-year-old "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" heartthrob Ben Barnes is throwing his hat into the ring. The actor is already quite popular with the "Twilight" fanbase and shares the same manager as both Copon and "Twilight" star Cam Gigandet. Barnes is believed to be campaigning for the role of Aro, a mind-reading vampire whose "New Moon" encounter with Edward and Bella helps shape their destiny together."

Go here to read the full story.


TW Box Office Totals As Of Sunday Dec 14th


Domestic: $150,108,000 81.3%
+ Foreign: $34,578,536 18.7%
= Worldwide: $184,686,536

** The gross for Friday the 12th was 2,600,000!

Visit Box Office Mojo for mor details.


What Has Cam Gigandet Been Up To Lately?

Cam recently spent the day in Atlantic City filming a scene for his new movie "Five Star Day." Go here to read all about it plus other details like an incident where his fame definitely came in handy & a new project that will start filming in February in Russia.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jackson Rathbone HQ Pics

Lion & Lamb Love posted HQ pics from a new Jackson Rathbone photoshoot. Yum Yum!!
View more pics in our gallery here.

Stephenie Speaks Out About New Moon Director

Stephenie Meyer has posted a letter on her site in regards to her thoughts about Chris Weitz taking the reins on New Moon here is some of what she had to say

"They've asked Chris Weitz, director of American Pie, About a Boy, and The Golden Compass, to join us, and I am very pleased to announce that he's agreed to be a part of our Twilight world. I've had the chance to talk to Chris, and I can tell you that he is excited by the story and eager to keep the movie as close to the book as possible. He is also very aware of you, the fans, and wants to keep you all extremely happy. (Torches and pitchforks are not going to be necessary.)"

There is also a letter from Chris Weitz posted on her site stating:

"When I saw the film of Twilight, I was alternatley entranced and left hungry for more. I was also struck by the extraordinary passion for the characters, story and theme that was evident in the people sitting in the seats around me. My job is to live up to that divotion."

Hopefully we can all find a little relief knowing that About A Boy is Stephenie's favorite movie and Chris directed it. If Stephenie is excited it can't all be bad right?

For the whole letter visit here.


Perry Ferrell 'Going All The Way' Full Music Video

Going All The Way - Twilight Soundtrack

Oh my! So what do you guys think of it?