Friday, January 2, 2009

Celebrity Love Awards 2008 Results

Robert Pattinson came in 2nd place in the Popstar Celebrity Love Awards. First place went to the Jonas Brothers. Many other cast members & Stephenie Meyer were in the top 15 including:

#4 - Stephenie Meyer
#7 - Kristen Stewart
# 8 Taylor Lautner
#13 - Ashley Greene
#14 - Cam Gigandet
#15 - Kellan Lutz

Popstar had this to say about the results, ".....this is certainly cause for celebration for the Twilight fandom. Robert Pattinson was inches away from taking first place; the Twilight fandom did not become involved in the contest until much later in this year. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes!"

So, now we have a full year to be involved so lets make Rob #1 in 2009! Go here for all the results & for info on the 2009 contest.


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