Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Edward & Bella Dolls Availabe At NY Comic Con

The Tonner Doll Company has just announced that they will have a limited number of Edward & Bella Collectible Dolls available at the New York Comic Con:

"A limited quantity TONNER TWILIGHT CHARACTER FIGURES have been rushed in just in time for New York Comic Con (Feb. 6-8).

Only 100 pieces of each figure (Edward Cullen and Bella Swan) will be available for purchase in TONNER booth number 1127 for $139.99 each."

More info is available here.

If you are in the NY area & plan to go to the NY Comic Con let us know.

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EDWARDismyHERION!!! said...

Ok maybe i change my mind on getting these to brand my daughters mind so i can turn her to a fan at the age of 3 1/2. For the price of 140.00 i dont think she'll be playing with them lol