Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hot Topic Is On A Hot Streak Thanks To Twilighters

Hot Topic was one of only a few appearal retailers, to have a very sucussful 4th quarter thanks to Twilighters:

Hot Topic's success is a comeback story. After four years of reporting declines in same-store sales, the company enjoyed booming business at the end of 2008.

Hot Topic was one of a handful of retailers offering a wide variety of "Twilight" merchandise. Based on a best-selling book series, the teen vampire flick unseated the highly anticipated James Bond movie "Quantum of Silence" from its No. 1 perch at the American box office during its Nov. 21 opening weekend.

"Twilight" earned $70.6 million during that weekend and kicked Hot Topic out of a 4-year-old malaise. After more than 17 quarters of negative same-store sales, Hot Topic posted an increase in same-store sales of 8.3 percent in October compared with the same time in the previous year. The hot streak kept rolling on, with same-store sales increasing 6.5 percent in November and 4.3 percent in December.



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