Friday, January 16, 2009

"In Reality, Rob Is Nothing Like Edward Cullen"

MTV Intern & Twilight superfan Laura Culpepper has written a flattering article on Rob:

"It comes as no surprise that Robert Pattinson is one of this year's Male Pop MVPs. In a matter of months, the "Twilight" star skyrocketed from anonymity to become one of the most adored (and screamed at) actors who has probably ever lived."

"Even though it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing much but Edward Cullen for a while, I believe he is going to have great success as an actor once "Twilight" is over. In reality, Rob is nothing like Edward Cullen. Anyone who has met him or seen him in an interview knows that he is really just a big ball of goofiness and sarcasm. He's nice to everyone and still doesn't understand why people like him so much. That's exactly why I think he is so talented. To be able to change yourself into a completely different mind-set takes a very special person, and Rob is definitely one of those people."

Read the full article here. This is a clip from one of her interviews with Rob LOL!


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