Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jackson Rathbone On Vamp Radio Today!

"It is with great pleasure that Vamp Radio announces a special Saturday night show of "Twilight Hour". Please join us this Saturday at 4:00 pm EST or 9:00 pm EST for a live interview with Jackson Rathbone! Jackson, who plays Jasper Cullen in the movie "Twilight", will join us for the first 30 minutes. Right now, we have yet to confirm what time works best for Jackson's schedule, so we'll be editing this post when we confirm the time.

So please join us in welcoming Jackson to Vamp Radio! We'll be asking many of your questions and, time permitting, will allow for the fans to call in and ask Jackson a question directly. So tell all your Twilight friends to join us for this special broadcast of Twilight Hour with Jackson Rathbone. Hope to see you there!

Please e-mail your questions to If you have any thoughts of calling in to ask Jackson your question directly, please include your name and phone number. We will not be accepting any callers that have not been pre-screened. This is a result of this past Tuesday's show, were several callers disrupted the flow of our show and were very disrespectful towards all Twilight fans. We do not wish for this to happen again, especially when Jackson has been gracious enough to join us live.

You could also post your questions here, if you'd rather not call in and would prefer the hosts to ask your question on-air to Jackson. We will do our best to get an answer for everyone's questions, but with only 30 minutes, we may not get to every question."

Go here to listen.


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