Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kellan Lutz: Deep Winter DVD Review


Kellan's movie Deep Winter comes out on DVD this Tuesday, the 27th. Here's a review I found at DVD Room Reviews:

"Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is delivering a DVD release on January 27th that is sure to excite extreme winter sports enthusiasts. Deep Winter, directed by Mikey Hilb, stars Eric Lively (TVs 24) and Kellen Lutz (Twilight, TVs 90210) as boyhood friends who reunite for a trip to Alaska to film a movie with a death-defying ride down a dangerous mountain that no one has ever skied down and lived.

Tyler Crowe is a ski maverick and a member of the US Downhill team before his coach kicks him off the team for his rebellious spirit. Tyler returns home in time to reconnect with best childhood friend, Mark Rider, a professional snowboarder, who is set to make the trip to Alaska for a daring mountain adventure and a chance to star in an action sports movie being made by an overzealous producer.

The trip turns out to be extremely treacherous for the friends, and that does not even account for what they find on the mountain slopes. Before leaving for the trip, Tyler gets together with Mark's sister, Elisa (Peyton List), which does not go over well. The tension of the winter weather and competition over the pending ski ride adds to the stress for the pair.

Deep Winter is an intense story made with the X-sports fan in mind. There are plenty of dangerous ski and snowboarding shots throughout. The story offers some romance, a test of friendship, tribulation, and courage. A nice story with more action than plot depth. The nice cast also includes Michael Madsen, Luke Goss and Robert Carradine. The film was shot on location in Utah, Colorado, and Alaska."



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