Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MTV Staffer Opens The Edward & Bella Dolls

"To celebrate the arrival of the Edward Cullen doll to MTV News, I've decided to jot down the top 5 reasons we love this plastic version of the dreamy vampire.

1.) He looks so stylish wearing Edward's trademark grey wool coat, dark denim jeans, and t-shirt.

2.) He came with shoes and socks, because we all know vampires and dolls need socks. But would Edward really need socks since he's "cold" all the time doesn't really sweat? Point to ponder.

3.) He would never go on a date with Barbie.

4.) He'd totally kick Ken's ass in a fight.

5.) He resembles Robert Pattinson, and anything that resembles Robert Pattinson is going to be awesome."

Read the whole story here.


Checkmate said...

I'd have to agree with everything the MTV chick said about the dolls...Edward is much better than the Bella doll. I think they should make a Jacob doll too.

skyla11377 said...

Who wouldn't want to have there very own Edward and Bella Doll. A Jocob doll would be kool too. They should just make the whole Cullen family that would be kool as well....=^)

EDWARDismyHERION!!! said...

Ok im gonna have to get some of these for my daughter who is three got to traim her now lol TEAM EDWARD