Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peter Facinelli Speaks Out On Dakota Fanning

PopEater reports that Peter Facinelli, our favorite Dr. Carlisle Cullen, is excited to hear about Dakota Fanning playing Jane in New Moon.

"She is a phenomenal actress... [The role of Jane] would be great for her," Peter said to PopEater. He also mentions that he has not read the final script for New Moon, but he is very excited about filming the part where he stitches up Bella's arm after Jasper's attack.

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Checkmate said...

I'm just looking forward to the whole movie. I think it would be great if Dakota joined the cast.

EDWARDismyHERION!!! said...

Goood god that is one sexy man!! BUt i do hope Dakota get the role as Jane!!!

skyla11377 said...

Dakota Fanning I wasn't sure about but then I saw a preview for Push and I almost didn't notice it was her cuz she looked so different. So I think I will have an open mind when it comes to her possibly playing Jane. If she gets to play Jane I hope she does a great job.

coffee said...

They should be careful casting Dakota Fanning for New Moon, she might steal the show