Friday, January 2, 2009

Sam Bradley Portrait Magazine Interview

Portrait Magazine interviewed Sam Bradley, who co-wrote "Never Think" with Rob & is one of Rob's best friends. Here's an excerpt:

You wrote 'Never Think', on the Twilight soundtrack, with Robert Pattinson - and then you apparently went in completely different directions when recording it. How did that happen - is there an original version?
The original version is just sort of bits and pieces of when we were writing it. So, no, there's no real original version. What it is, is we wrote a song... I came back to Canada, and kind of switched it up a little bit for myself. Melodically, what we originally wrote is probably closer to my version. But Rob, when he plays music, he's really in touch with what he's doing, so he plays a song differently every time. Any song, it'll never sound the same. It's really cool, he's really in the moment. So the recording of Never Think that he did will never sound the same again, which is kind of interesting. Lyrically, though, it's similar.

It's funny, because you can never understand what he's singing. So it's really interesting to listen to your version and say, "Oh, that's what he's saying!"
I don't think anyone has guessed the lyrics right yet. I've been on YouTube, and I've been reading what people think are the lyrics. Even the first line, I don't think I've read the right first line yet. I mean, he sings it like that because that's how it comes out. I personally love it. I mean, I know what he's saying. There's a feeling behind it, like he's singing it to that person that he's talking to.

Go here to read the full interview.

This is Sam's version of "Never Think" - it's called "Too Far Gone." He sang it in Vancouver on New Year's Eve.

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