Thursday, January 29, 2009

TwiFan Contest

Our affiliate has a contest going on: would like to announce a contest for the Twilight fan in all of us! The prize----A Twilight Movie Soundtrack autographed by Stephenie Meyer, the guru of the Twilight book saga.

For details click here.


twifansalison said...

thanks for that!!

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

You're welcome & I promise it was on the main page for like a day & a half before getting bumped into the blog archive!

FireintheBreeze said...

oh cool!

hey guys, if you want the latest and greatest gossip, stories and information surrounding the entire twilight/new moon cast, then check out my new blog!

i update daily and can't wait to establish some regular readers! check it out and leave a comment on any of the blog threads that you agree/disagree with.