Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MTV: Twilight Invades 2009 Toy Fair

MTV was at the 2009 Toy Fair & posted this interview with Randy Falk from NECA:


***This is our post on the Alice Cullen action figure from yesterday in case you missed it:

Look what is on display at the NECA’s Twilight booth at the International Toy Fair 2009 in New York. It's the "Alice" doll/action figure along with Bella, Edward & a whole bunch of other Twilight Merchandise. has more pics here.

It looks like Twilight has not only boosted sales at Hot Topic & Borders but NECA is getting a nice bump from it as well. From The Star Ledger:

Hillside-based NECA discovered licensing gold in its line of action figures based on Stephenie Meyer's best-seller "Twilight."

"We had a good year (in 2008), thanks in large part to 'Twilight,'" said Randy Falk, the company's director of product development. With both a "Twilight" movie and a Harry Potter movie scheduled for release this year, NECA is "positioned to have a good year," Falk added.

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With all the twilight stuff I want I am gonna need a whole room to keep them