Friday, February 13, 2009

AnnaLynne McCord Could Have Been Rosalie & Kellan's Abercrombie Ads

MTV has a new interview with AnnaLynne McCord. In the interview it's revealed that AnnaLynne was considered for Nikki Reed's (Rosalie) part in Twilight:

Something that few Twilighters realize, however, is that the vampire-loving actress nearly played Nikki Reed's part in the original film. "They wanted me to play Rosalie," she recalled. "I met with the producers when 'Twilight' was casting, the original. I was on 'Nip/Tuck' at the time. And they were like, 'We'd love to have you in this little film we're doing called 'Twilight,' but the family only has small roles.' They were like, 'It shoots in Oregon, so you probably couldn't do it anyway.' And I was like, 'If it shot [in L.A.] that would be cool." you think she would have made a good Rosalie? We also find out how negotiations for New Moon are coming along:

The only hold-up that remains, McCord revealed, is her hectic calendar currently booked up with "90210" shoots. "There's some scheduling conflicts, and we're trying to work that out now," she explained, twisting her digits. "We'll see what happens with it, but hopefully - fingers crossed - it'll smooth over and we'll be able to work it out."

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That isn't all that was revealed in this article. MTV has a link to these nice Kellan Lutz pictures from his days as an Abercrombie model:

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