Friday, February 13, 2009

Peter Facinelli Q & A Video Part 2 & 3

A big THANKS to the Twilight Lexicon for posting these great Peter Facinelli videos from the Q & A at the Chicago Flashback, you're coverage from that conevntion has been fabulous!

Part Two:

Peter talks about the scene in Twilight where he (Carlisle) bites Rob (Edward), having blonde hair, Kellan Lutz's contact lens trouble, his most difficult scene to shoot, why the Cullen's wear hats in the baseball scene, & a scene from the book that was not in the original New Moon script but Chris Weitz added, YAY for Chris!

Part Three:

Peter talks about his favorite band, Nurse Jackie & upcoming projects, what Vampire power he would like to have, Robert Pattinson's most embarrassing moment on set (this occurs around 4:43), his favorite book in the Twilight Saga, & his favorite actors to work with.

~Kim C

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