Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Natalie Portman & Paris Hilton! Back Off Our Robert Pattinson!

It has been reported that both Natalie Portman and Paris Hilton made it a point to not only say hi to Rob, but to have lengthy conversations at some post-Oscar parties. My, what a social butterfly Rob can be!

MTV reports that:

Robert Pattinson may have been a bit freaked out about the prospect of presenting at the Oscars, but rumor has it that the "Twilight" star found the perfect way to unwind later Sunday night: by flirting with Natalie Portman.

Full article here has an article on Paris Hilton's determination to get a conversation with Rob:

She started off by dragging her little sister Nicky around the mansion hunting for her prey and when she found the Brit star she wasn't going to let him go.

Full article here

AND Entertainmentwise reports that Paris has even flown to Tokyo

just hours after Robert in the city ahead of Friday's Twilight premiere.

Although it is noted that she arrived with "new beau" Doug Reinhardt and was there to promote a clothing line. Excuses to follow Rob around the world, possibly? haha.

Full article here

What do you think, Ladies? Do we have some competition or are more people discovering what we've been saying all along?

-Jess H

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PM from CBA said...

Keep you mangy claws off him, Paris. He is nice kid. Please let him be.