Monday, March 2, 2009

"How To Be" Is A Must See!

My "How To Be" Experience!

First of all, my husband & I drove over 700 miles to see this movie. Well, I wanted to see it, he just came along because he loves me. It was like a pilgrimage (for me at least).

We arrived at the California Theater around 5:30pm on February 28th & wouldn't you know there was already a line forming, even though the screening didn't start until 7:15pm. We were around the 11th in line. The line kept growing & growing. The local NBC news crew even came & filmed the crowd. My husband thinks there were at least 350 people there. His eyes were opened big time to the whole Rob phenomena & he realized it just isn't me that's nuts.

The crowd was a very orderly. I lucked out & had the 2 the most bomb diggory ladies behind me! We Robsessed the whole time in line. Finally the moment of truth had arrived & they began escorting us into the theater! YIPPEE! We had really great seats right up in the front. Ordinarily I don't sit that close but I wanted to be in the front for the Q&A with Oliver Irving (the director of HTB) and staring at Robert Pattinson up close & personal as Art may have had a little to do with it too.

Oliver came into the theater a little before the movie started. It was exciting to see him in person. I kept my control though. Many people around me didn't even know who he was. He had a camera & he took a couple of pictures of the theater. He had just arrived in San Jose from England to be here for the screening he told us during the Q & A.

Then it was movie time! The theater erupted in applause. The crowd cheered & applauded all during the opening credits. Several shhh's were issued during the first scene & throughout the whole movie when the fan girls got out of control.

So what did I think about it? I LOVED it! All of the characters are fabulous. The acting is superb, each actor did an amazing job. It is quite a funny movie but also heartbreaking as well. Robert Pattinson is in practically every scene, so what more do you need? I had MANY favorite scenes, a couple of them were when Art is test driving his new car & gunning it. He has on these big Elvis like glasses & I just think he looks so cool. I also loved, loved, loved the scene where Art is talking to himself in the mirror, it is just a brilliant scene.

After the movie we were so lucky to get a Q & A with Oliver Irving! He is so down to earth & genuine. Someone in the audience asked how he feels about therapy because the movie deals with the subject. He said it can definitely be helpful but it can also be misused. He was also asked about the challenges that came up during filming & what made Rob stand out among other actors who auditioned for the role of Art. To the Rob question he said that other actors that auditioned would say they liked the script but Rob said he liked it & then asked questions about it, also they were able to laugh & giggle about it & Oliver knew Rob would be a perfect fit. He wanted the set to be just like that.

After the short Q&A those that wanted to could talk to Oliver personally. No way was I going to miss that opportunity. I thanked him for being there & then....I turned all fan girl & asked him for a picture & an autograph. Hey, my pilgrimage wouldn't have been complete with out them. He was so nice & asked me if he could put my name on the autograph. You are a sweetie Oliver Irving! Now though I am kicking myself for not asking you some real questions.

Sorry these pics are so low quality. I need a better camera.

Kim C


Lilmo said...

YAY!!!! I cant wait!!!! My turn is Sunday the 8th, I cant wait :D

PM from CBA said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go Kim!

TwiCrack Addict said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for this write-up. You are so lucky that you got to see this movie. Love your fun blog! :)

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Hey TwiCrack! The two ladies behind me were fans of yours! I am a big fan of yours too!

Thanks for your kind words.