Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is An Answer Coming Soon On The Dakota Fanning/New Moon Topic?

According to Dakota herself, she hopes to be able to give us a "definite answer soon."

MoviesOnline: Speaking of roles, can you talk about Twilight? Have you sealed the deal for New Moon?

Dakota: It's not a hundred percent yet, set in stone but it's not totally untrue or a rumor or anything. It's definitely a possibility and it would be really, really fun to be a part of. I'm a big fan of the cast and to join would be a really great honor and I really hope that it works out and hope I can give you guys a definite answer soon. [laughs]

MoviesOnline: What are you looking forward to most?

Dakota: I think just playing an evil vampire. That's really cool so if I got to do it that would be probably the most fun part.


**I think the most fun part would be getting to stare at Robert Pattinson all day!

~Kim C

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