Friday, February 13, 2009

Is Rob Dateless For Valentine's Day?

Robert Pattinson is one of MTV's "Five Hottest Heartthrobs Without A Date For Valentine's Day":

Robert Pattinson - The actor became the crush-object of many "Twi-hards" when he assumed the role of vampire Edward Cullen in last year's blockbuster "Twilight.". Despite time off before "New Moon" begins filming in Vancouver, Pattinson hasn't left the spotlight. He caused quite the stir when he unexpectedly traded his signature wild locks for a closer crop, forcing many fans to examine how deep into the hairline their feelings really went. He also faced some scrutiny over the nature of his relationship with actress and Jonas' girlfriend Camilla Belle as she provided RPattz with some repeated red-carpet company. Even Joe and his brothers seem to be under his spell though, as they just expressed a desire to be on the "New Moon" soundtrack. If Bella Swann and the JoBros can't resist him, how can you?

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Tasha said...

I hope he finds someone he really enjoys being with soon. He's such a sweet guy! Of course I'll be all kinds of jealous of whoever it is, but if he's happy I'd manage to get over it ;)