Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jackson Rathbone And 100Monkeys At The 24k Lounge

MediaBlvd Magazine has posted an article on Jackson's Band, 100Monkeys, which is

also comprised of his actor-roommate Ben Graupner, and his friend Ben Johnson (the former drummer of the Stevedores), the old friends from high school are taking their unique improvisational music in front of live audiences.

The article also discusses the two albums that the band will be releasing, including one that is completely improv and recorded in one take. There are also photos taken from their January 6th show at the 24k Lounge and some notes on Jackson's upcoming projects such as Dread, S. Darko ( which Yours Truly is super excited about) and The Last Airbender.

Check out the article here

Photo credit goes to the 100Monkeys myspace, which you can take a peek at here


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