Thursday, February 5, 2009

Letters To Rob: The "Creme Girls"

A few days ago I posted about the lovely Creme Magazine interview with Rob called, "Interview With The Vampire." Well the folks over at Letters To Rob let me know about a "letter to Rob" sent to them by the "Creme Girls." The letter is very funny & cute. Here's an excerpt:

Dear Rob,

I work for a teen magazine here in New Zealand, which is very, very convenient because it means my colleagues and I get to spend our days researching you, writing about you, tracking your movements and devoting hours to finding out who you're dating, (FYI: don't go there with Camilla, you don't want Joe Jonas' left-overs).

Anyway, we thought we would take a photo of the recently created "Rob appreciation wall" at our work, where we have put together a small selection of super-hot posters of you looking moody/sexy.

To see the "Creme girls" amazing "Rob Wall" & read the rest of their letter go here.

Thank you Letters To Rob! I love your site.

~Kim C


Anonymous said...

THANKS Kim! Your site is ingenious:) Gotta give love to ALL the cullen boys, not just Edward!

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Letters to Rob, your site is ingenious! Very very creative. Your Valentine's contest ROCKS too.