Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Letters to Twilight

One of our favorite sites here at CBA is Letters to Twilight. The other day they sent me an email about how they get tons of "Letters to Rob" but not enough letters for the other Cullen boys. What? How can this be? We love all the Cullen boys! So what is CBA going to do about this injustice? Give your favorite Cullen boy, preferably Carlisle, Emmett, or Jasper some love & send a letter on over to Letters to Twilight.

~Kim C


Anonymous said...

oh yes! thanks for the shoutout and PLEASE give us some jasper/carlisle/emmett love!

Anonymous said...

seriously we need a good carlisle letter people!

ps this is SO nice, thank you for posting about us! we love ya CBA!

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Group Hug!