Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Twilight Merch At Hot Topic!!

There are now Twilight Pajamas at Hot Topic and Now you can wrap yourself in either the Cullen crest or Edward with your favorite book in the saga and snuggle with your Edward blanket (sold out online as of 2/11, 6:12pm EST...I just checked for everyone who hasn't been able to get their credit cards on it yet.). The PJs are 39.99 and look super comfy.

You can check out the PJs and lots of other Twilight things here.

Thanks so much Kate for finding the PJs online and letting me know!

Also, my friend Kristin just let me know via text message from my local Hot Topic that if you pre-order your copy of the Twilight DVD there, then you will get an invite to their release party. More details on this release party when they become available.


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