Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Rehearsal Details Reveled

*Contains Spoilers*

I am posting this as a rumor, although I believe this person & have received stuff from them before.

Details from Robert Pattinson's Oscar rehearsal reveled:

He was nervous, but was talking to everyone.. it seemed the other celebs were more nervous to meet him!!!!! he was definitely in awe at the caliber of celebs that were there and had some some butterflies.

They said Star of Twilight. (when he was announced)

His presenting partner is: go HERE if you want to know.

What category is Rob presenting, what are his lines, was Kristen there, do they show clips of Twilight? Go HERE if you want to know.

...I got to give Rob a hug..and he autographed my 2 81st ACADEMY AWARD REHEARSAL wristbands...

I met him b4 but this is the first I hugged. him.. i felt for him and was so proud!!!!! cuz it's a big deal for him he was genuinly nervous..

He looks like a homeless man.

He's talking w/ zac efron!!!!

You can find more HERE.

**This was one of the best play by plays ever! I can't wait for the Oscars.

~Kim C

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