Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rob Pic/Fan Encounter

This pic is from a Bobby Long gig in London on Friday night (source). Personally, I don't like this pic at all & from what I've read there was a crowd of girls asking for pics. Bobby Long is one of Robert Pattinson's best friends, Rob was at Bobby's gig to support him & have a good time. Is Rob not allowed any "down time"? It's not that it's wrong to ask for photos, but I just hate to see it when he's out with his mates enjoying himself. Maybe I'm wrong...what do you think?

This video is from "Master Video Maker" Cilla over at Robert Pattinson AU. It's called "The Price of Fame." Fame is definitely a double edged sword.

Robert Pattinson -The Price of Fame from Cilla Benjamin on Vimeo.

*Takes soap box & leaves*

~Kim C


Bethy99 said...

You know, I'm really scared for him. Don't get me wrong, I love him to death as an actor. I would probably not be able to talk if I ever had the chance to meet him but he is so freaked out by all of this. You can hear it in his voice every time he talks. It really scares him. I just pray and hope that it will not push him to any extremes. I really hope that people will just lay off of him and let him live his life. When he's at the stuff for his movies you can freak out...but on the street let him be.

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting. Rob comes from a very nice & normal family so hopefully he'll be fine but I worry too because we can all name celebrities who have gone wacko.

ginamata said...

I know it must be hard for Rob still to be afraid of the fans. I think he should be left alone but this is also the price you pay for being a celebrity. I hope he stays grounded and true to himself. I love him as an actor and would love to meet and take pictures with him too but maybe when all the craziness subsides and he has come full circle he will be able to relax and enjoy his success. He does deserve the fame and good fortunes. may he have the best of luck.