Friday, February 27, 2009

TwiCon Commercial Voting

Hey Addicts, before we say asta la vista to what is personally our favorite TwiCon Commercial lets give one more push to get these ladies to #1. Here is the top 3 reasons we think they should be in first place!

1. It took them over 20 hours to prep and film and 12 hours to edit. Can you say dedication?? WOW

2. It took Megan over 50 takes (several which ended up being Rated R moments) just to do her intro.

3. You know if you could you would take your Edward cardboard cut out with you everywhere too. :o)

So take a second to vote for Crstlbtrfly and if you want to know what your voting for you can watch their video below. To see the rest of the entered videos please visit

You will find the poll on the side bar of our news blog, on the right hand side of our home page or you can go directly to the poll here.


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