Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TwiCon Special Musical Guest Bobby Long & Marcus Foster??

TwiCon made their special musical announcement & there isn't one but two special guests! They are Bobby Long & Marcus Foster! *thud* *dies* Bobby & Marcus co-wrote Let Me Sign on the Twilight Soundtrack & are best mates with Robert Pattinson.

They will be doing a set during the Volturi Masked Ball. TwiCon will also be having a contest where you can win a song dedication from them during the Ball.

To listen to the announcement from Bailey (NoMoreMarbles) & Becka HERE. You have to listen to at least the first 7:30 before they make the announcement.

So here's the deal...Bailey made the announcement Tuesday night on the podcast (which if you remember was promoted as A Special Musical Guest To Be Announced) but it's not on the TwiCon website yet, nor much of anywhere. So what is going on? We would really like to know.

Here is a recent Blast Magazine article you can read on Bobby, Marcus & Sam Bradley.

Kim & Jess

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