Thursday, February 5, 2009

Twilight Saga Helps Book Sales And Raises Students' Interest In Reading

The Parthenon Online, which is the Student Newspaper for Marshall University, has an article giving kudos to Stephenie Meyer & the Twilight Saga, for raising students interest in reading & helping with book sales.

"Darren Jones, general manager of Borders at the Huntington Mall, said that he didn't have a complete list of the top bestsellers for the store but the most notable sellers were books from the "Twilight" series, especially during the Christmas season.

"I think the entire country was reading Stephanie Meyer," Jones said.

Empire Books and News general manager Jessica Messinger said that people of many ages would come in to purchase books from Meyer's series.

As the popularity for Meyer's series grew and eventually sparked a movie, Marshall University students took notice.

"I see a lot more college students coming in for them than I used to see, and then they also start buying other books," Messinger said."

Check it out here.

~Kim C

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