Saturday, February 7, 2009

Want A Twilight Skin For Your Cell Phone?

Then you may want to order your copy from Barnes & Noble! It seems like every retailer is popping up with extra little somethings to go along with the DVD being released on March 21st and B&N is stating that it's Twilight copy will come with a...

FREE Customizable Twilight Skin for your cell phone, PDA or MP3 player!* Each copy of this exclusive Twilight DVD comes with an individual code redeemable at While supplies last.

Check out all the details here

The retailers are not making it easy for the Twilight fans to figure out who to give their hard earned cash to, are they?

Have you decided where to pre-order your copy?



Kim C said...

I ordered mine from my local Borders & I'm going there at Midnight to pick it up. I am getting another copy for my kids but I'm not sure where yet.

Jess H said...

I have not decided where to order mine from. I know that I want at least one copy on bluray, but now all the extra goodies are making me want to buy a second copy! Thank goodness we have tax returns coming!