Friday, February 20, 2009

Watch Out - Robert Pattinson Can Reduce You To Puddles

I just love this little mention of Rob in Dose.CA:

"Robert Pattinson is back in L.A., where he continues to leave grown women reduced to drooling puddles in his wake."

The drooling puddles link takes you to this Celebuzz article:

"Robert Pattinson threw some serious vampire magic late last night at Coach & Horses pub in Los Angeles.

When the Twilight star showed up with a group of friends at the British-themed bar after 10 p.m last night "the girl I was working with freaked out," bartender Peter Renaud tells Celebuzz.

"She went over to his table to serve him. He took it upon himself to introduce himself and shook her hand. And it happened. She turned into a five-year-old girl," Renaud says."

Read more HERE.

*Somebody get a mop, clean up in isle Rob.

~Kim C


skyla11377 said...

OME I would be drooling too if I saw him in person....^_^

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

When I was near him at the permiere I almost fainted.